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LG 1.61, LG2.57, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
Selangor, Malaysia Petaling Jaya, 46510
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Listing created by astronumb on February 13, 2013    

F.O.S is a locally established clothing retail chain that specializes in imported stock lots and overruns. The infamous economic crisis in Malaysia in 1997, marked the birth of F.O.S. with its first outlet in Sunway Pyramid

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(Updated: September 01, 2013)

Better than the Reject Shop

This store sells mostly basic clothes. It has never been a favourite of mine but it is better than the Reject Shop which has uglier clothes and cost more.

Most of the time, I could hardly find any nice clothes. I often see auntie-styled patterns. Well, they may suit Westerners but usually Asians end up looking like aunties in those clothes.

Some of the clothes such as skirts can be very thin, I think it is by Abercrombie. I was attracted to a pretty Abercrombie skirt which was light green in colour, but unfortunately it was too short even though I'm already short.

Trivia: I have a friend who avoids entering into this shop because it is too bright.

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Cheap and nice? Perfect!

F.O.S is one of the go to destination whenever one of the female members of my family would like to add something new to their never ending collection of clothes and I think I understand why.

When I stepped into F.O.S for the first time, I could see that most of the item was made with quality materials and despite the made in China tag, are all genuinely comfortable and long lasting. To add on, the prices are also reasonable and I would say that you get more than you pay.

However, the designs are not really all that. It's just the basic stripes and colors design one might find elsewhere. But then again, simple are sometimes best and choices are plenty. So, I guess there's nothing much to complain about here.

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Decent clothes galore

Factory Outlet Store is actually quite a nice place to shop for clothes. Depending on your luck and the season you are going, you may end up buying a lot of clothes for super low prices. I myself go there often to check on their t-shirts. I was surprised when they had disney character t-shirts on sale.

Me, being a disney fan as a kid, I just had to buy them. Yes, I know, the thought of a young adult wearing cartoon character clothings seems childish but there's nothing wrong with expressing a part of your childhood. If you get lucky, you may just find some really good looking clothes here. If you don't, be patient and try again another time.

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Fair-priced basic clothing

If you're looking for a cheap branded clothes, then FOS is the perfect place for you. This outlet usually covers a huge area, so shopping is a breeze. Although most of the clothes are out of season and overrun, they're still good nonetheless. If you have a good eye, you can definitely grab a good deal from this outlet.

I usually head down here for our cheap daily wear where I reckon, the quality is as good as the ones in other shops. Depending on the design, prices can be very cheap and reasonable.

The choice of clothes here are a lot, I mean A LOT! Mostly are basics for your staple wear but the quality is still there. Plus, this is a great place if you're searching for a cheap winter wear. I bought most of my winter jacket here as they're stylish and way cheaper than those specialty shops.

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