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G1.96 Sunway Pyramid S/c, 3 Jalan Pjs 11/15 Bandar Sunway
Selangor, Malaysia Petaling Jaya
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Listing created by astronumb on February 13, 2013    

Cotton On are famous for fast-paced, cutting edge street wear for girls and guys. With the coolest product and easy on the pocket prices, they offer short and long sleeve tops, knitwear, cardi, fleece jackets, jeans, accessories and a range of shoes.

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Do yourself a favour and go somewhere else

I really cannot phantom the rave about Cotton On. Firstly, there is a 80% probability that 8 out of 10 people will have the same piece of apparel as you (okay, i might have exaggerated a wee bit). In all seriousness, their clothes are way too common. Walk down a street and you can easily sieve out a few youngsters wearing the same outfit from Cotton On.

Also, their apparels are REALLY thin. Given the low quality of the material, it is really not worth it. If you are hoping for cheaper clothes from Cotton On in Malaysia because of the currency exchange rates, you can give up hoping. The prices are pretty much uniform across countries.

The service also needs to undergo a major revamp. Snobbish teens going about the same old routine of rearranging and folding clothes get annoyed when you ask them a question, since it seems to snap them out of their rigid routine.

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Cheap shirts, poor quality T-Shirts

I'm going to talk about Cotton On from a purely male perspective. My first advise is that Cotton On is a place to get really cheap clothes with decent quality. Especially for men that like to do their shopping in one big bath and wear the same clothes over and over again, the previous statement only applies to their shirts, and definitely NOT their T-Shirts. I'll start with the T-Shirts.

The T-Shirts look deceptively value-for-money. They look too expensive and the designs are nice, but the quality of the shirt takes a nosedive upon first wash. Before you know it, the cotton gets thinner and thinner, looking more like clothes you should be sleeping in rather than wearing out.

The shirts, on the other hand, are much better. The designs aren't going to win any awards, but they do it simple, and they do it well. Plain shirts and simple checkered shirts are much lower and similar looking to higher-end competitors like Topman. More importantly, they last long.

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(Updated: July 19, 2013)

Nice, cheap clothes during sales!

I LOVE Cotton On! A good place for people who like to buy pretty casual clothes. They even have many nice basics such as cardigans and singlets. The lingerie and swimsuits/bikinis are prettier and more affordable compared to those at swimwear shops in the malls.

I usually buy clothes at Cotton On during sales, which happens very often. Once, I bought a nice pair of shoes at RM5! They often have many nice dresses during sales at RM30-RM60. The shoes and sandals are nice too but too flat like Vincci's so I hardly buy any of them.

When there are no sales, I think the prices are quite high. A simple cotton dress can cost RM79 so I usually refrain from buying them except when I really love the design.

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The long sleeve t-shirts and plaid shirts are good enough

Cotton On isn't my usual cup of tea but I do check this place out often especially during the sales season just in case there's some form of clothing that might just catch my eye. It still does have that hipster aura around but it's not so bad here. A lot of people like to come here because the prices of the clothes here are generally cheap.

To me, the material itself also felt cheap. But some of the clothes are decent like their plaid shirts. I actually like some of their plain long sleeve t-shirts. There's something about a simplistic design that attracts me and to the least, it wouldn't cost a bomb in this place. Some of the workers here are pre-SPM students or post-SPM students which makes me feel a bit less confident to buy as I like to avoid any possible problems with my purchases. I know who they are since some of them are my juniors back in school. True story.

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Extremely cheap during sale

When Cotton On first opened in KL, I didn't quite understand what's the hype was all about until I decided to drop by for the first time. The clothes are very updated and the price they offer is quite reasonable.

The clothes are perfect for our daily wear in this weather. The material is lightweight and most of the fashion style suited young adults well. This could be their staple wear to college and while hanging out.

Apart from clothes, they do have a range of shoes and some accessories for fashion conscious group. However, my favorite day for shopping here is during their sales period where everything is extremely cheap. You can walked out of the store with 4 piece of clothing that costs you not more than RM150.

If you're looking for trendy and affordable clothing, Cotton On is one of your best bet.

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