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One of the leading sports wear brands in Malaysia. Known for its long lasting quality, tasteful designs and albeit hefty price tag 

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Shoes became smaller

I am usually a size 4 or 5 but I bought a pair of size 6 Nike shoes as I believe that the shoes would last long. Unfortunately, the shoes became smaller and tighter after 2 years that it hurts my toes after walking in them for 30 minutes! Because of this, I don't think I want to invest in a pair of Nike shoes anymore. I'm not sporty so I don't use them often but they still got tighter.

Anyway, I think Nike shoes are really stylish and last long (except for the soles). I borrowed my friend's Nike shoes which looked quite new but after wearing the shoes and walk (not run!) for a few hours, the soles came off. This happened to my friend's newer pair of Nike shoes too. The shoes were comfortable though.

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Stylish and comfortable!

I've been a fan of Nike ever since I first purchased one of the shoes from their Nike Air series. Initially, the shoe felt a little awkward as it was the first pair of high cut shoes I own. I play basketball as a hobby and I think that shoe had a positive effect on my game play.

The inside of the shoes are quite soft while the outside feels very sturdy. The shoes are a bit kind of heavy. However, this acts as a training for me as it does have me jumping higher after a few months.

Be aware though that you should not get the shoes wet. I got mine wet during a match one day a few years ago and unfortunately it affected the comfort of the shoes till today. The cloth padding inside the shoe feels a little hard and rough compared to what one might find in a new shoe.

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My Number 1 Choice for Basketball Shoes.

I've always loved the basketball shoes here in Nike. It lasts long and it looks good. Adidas's basketball shoes do last long as well but they don't look as attractive as their counterparts in Nike. You have your high cut shoes for more balance, low cut for a more light-weight experience and the mid cut for a balance of both.

My first basketball shoe from Nike was the Nike Air Force which lasted me about 4 years. Even the reason for change was because my foot grew big. Then I bought myself a Hyperdunk in 2010. It feels so light and comfortable that I could use it anywhere I go. It's priced at RM399 though. It may be a little bit pricey but it is worth every cent.

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Basketball Shoes
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1 Utama
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Stylish designs, but limited selection in Malaysia

Nike offers style and comfort in their sportswear. The price is pretty exorbitant if you think about it. But I believe there is quality in their products. I have never had problems with a Nike product so far.

However, the selection of sportswear is always limited to the popular models. I usually go into a Nike store with the intention to buy a certain model, and end up buying a different one. I do hope Nike Malaysia widens their sportswear collection, especially the ladies' section.

One thing I have to say about Nike, is that their advertisements are really attractive. Kudos to the advertising department!

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RUN for it!

Being a pretty active girl at the gym, I lovee Nike. I'm a fan of Nike ever since!

Despite being very much, 'mainstream', I still choose Nike over Adidas or Reebok or such. Basically cause I like the design. Plus, it is extremely comfortable to wear! Some of my friends say that Nike isn't long lasting, but heyy, my Nike gym shoes is still in great condition after almost a year. As long as you know how to keep them I guess it's fine!

The quality of their casual tops are usually very thin but I love their dri-fit tops and also dri-fit shorts! Super comfy. Their shoes mainly focus on design, and well, that IS fashion right? I'd choose that any day. :) Nike is definitely the way to go!

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