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50, LOT 10 Shopping Centre, 1 Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50250
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Listing created by Seewhy on November 16, 2012    

H&M, Hennes & Mauritz AB, is a Swedish multinasional retail clothing company. It is known for its fast-fashion for men and women H&M was officially introduced to Malaysians with it's grand opening in LOT 10 on September 22, 2012.

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Trendy? Yes. Affordable? No.

The outlets in Malaysia are gargantuan, WAY bigger than those in Singapore. With size comes a much wider variety of apparel and fashion accessories. If you are petite or even average size, I recommend heading to the kids section for a look. Man, the kids that H&M use as prototypes must be giants! I remember reading somewhere that the height range for kids go up till 170+cm.

I usually just skip past the women's section and head to the kids section; I like the clothes in the kids section (call me a kid yeah yeah) because they are more vibrant and cutesy, and they are HALF THE PRICE of those in the women's section. Plus, they can fit me perfectly and the clothes my size aren't even the largest available in the kids section!

Generally, the clothes are trendy and are in line with the latest styles; but they are not my 'cup of tea'. They are not exactly cheap, I mean most dresses are like RM100! Tell me again about how they were supposed to be affordable?

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Heavily Hyped Place.

H&M has been a heavily hyped fashion outlet amongst teenagers on social networks, in particular, teenagers who can't afford them but just want to go try the clothes, take some pictures in the fitting room and leave. I know so because my facebook timeline is practically swarming with those pictures.

The first H&M store I've been to was the one in Paradigm. I wanted to know what makes this place trending. I examined their clothes and find them to be similar to Uniqlo, which is another hyped up place. It's simple but high-priced clothings. I'd prefer going to Padini and Marks & Spencer over this.

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Great, affordable clothing

I was so eager to wait for the arrival of H&M in Malaysia and when they finally landed in Lot 10, I quickly head down to this sole outlet (at that time).

H&M never failed me. For stylish and fashionable clothing cater to all ages and not to mention, very cheap, I can say H&M is my current favorite shopping outlet. For RM200 I can get a lot out of children's department. When I mean a lot, trust me, it is!

I have been to the other 2 outlets and my favorite will always be the one in Lot 10 as the choices are abundant and during holiday deals, the prices are slashed extremely low compared to the other. Yeay!

The shopping environment is cool and convenient especially to families with strollers. They have an elevator for your ease to shop from one floor to other. The fitting room is spacious too with a large stool and wall-to-wall mirror so you can get a better look of your tried-on outfit from different angle. A plus point!

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Finally here!

The day I went to HnM was the day I thought to myself, I am going to spend as much as I want on anything I want! (yeahh, that's if I actually had that amount of money). I am pretty familiar with HnM before it came to Malaysia cause I've been to the ones overseas.

So, I only went to HnM recently. I refused to head to Lot 10 on the opening day cause it would DEFINITELY be packed like sardins in a can. So I decided to only go later on. I ended up spending approximately RM200 on clothes and I actually came out with 3 tops and a pair of jeggings! Happy girl I was despite having to queue pretty long. The prices of the clothes there are cheaper than Forever21 and Cotton On (when they aren't on sale) and the designs are pretty similar. Quality wise, I do actually prefer HnM over the other two.

Why not pay for fashion at a reasonable price ay? HnM should be the place where all girls shop and is a must go!

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Lot 10
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Nicely designed clothes

I love H&M clothes! They're nicely designed and the quality is quite good. I recently got a cardigan for about RM65 and I find it quite reasonable because it really keeps me warm. Not to mention that I love the colour as well. They have a wide range of colours of cardigans including hot pink and mustard.

The basic section has plain coloured tees, V-neck and round neck, tank tops and tank dresses going for about RM30. It's quite a standard price for clothes in Malaysia. It can be quite crowded though, so I would try to avoid going on weekends.

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