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Lot 2-18, T2, 2nd Floor, First World Plaza, Genting Highland Resorts Genting Highlands
Selangor, Malaysia 69000
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Lovely Lace was founded in 1993. It is now widely known with 18 stores across the Malaysia and 11 overseas stores in Egypt, China, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

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Pretty items

The stuff here are very girly and lacey and there is a lovely scent in this store. I don't find it sickly like other reviewers had mentioned. My favourite thing to see is the stack of teddy bears at the store. The teddy bears are really cute but I wish that there are more variety of stuffed animals.

The price here is above average. I once bought a Rudolph toy for my aunt and it cost me RM90-100. I don't come here often because the products are not always updated.

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(Updated: January 09, 2013)

English-style store

If you're into English-style decoration and knick knacks, you will definitely fall in love with Lovely Lace. This store has everything sweet and girly, and like its name says, do expect a lot of lace. The items here remind me of my grandmother. No offense, they are pretty nonetheless but I personally think that they're just over the top.

And let's not forget about their signature smell. The fragrant oil smells heavenly at first but after a few rounds, it started to become sickeningly sweet and I had headache having to absorb the aroma. It's just a no-no if you have sensitive nose.

Other than that, the stuffs sold here are quite nice. If you're looking for bridal stuffs and wedding gifts, this place has better choice. Just be sure to bring sufficient cash as some items can be quite expensive.

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Lots of pretty lacey stuffs...

You can smell this shop before you even reach it. The fragrance from this shop is so heavy that I always wonder how the workers can stand being in the shop for so long. I guess their nose just got used to the strong scent after a while.

Many of their products are beautiful with laces and ribbons plus everything sweet which would make lovely gifts for girls who like girly stuffs. However, I usually just come here for window shopping as their products do not come cheap. But sometimes when there is a sale, you might be able to find what you are looking for at a cheaper price.

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Bring a cloth peg

Even before you enter the store at Gurney Plaza, the super sweet smell of roses and air fresheners will make you gag. So bring a cloth peg to peg your nose will make it less excruciating.

I normally go have a quick look to see if they have any cute gifts I could surprise my wife with. I once bought a rose which had the words "I love you" on it and it proved to be a lovely gift for her. Unfortunately the store only updates its inventory every 3 months or so it would seem because month after month I would see the same old stuff being put on display. Some of the things aren't cheap either such as a MYR 200 picture frame.

You may surprise yourself by finding something really nice or cute in the store but more often than not, all you see are things that you wouldn't want to ever buy.

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Super sweet rose smell to the point of gagging you
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Gurney Plaza Penang
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Cool stuff at affordable prices.

I've had the opportunity to visit Lovely Lace outlets twice during my frequent jaunts to Malaysia. On both occasions, the minute I enter the stores, the strong and soothing fragrance of potpourri just filled my senses. It was a pleasure to walk in there and to give myself the illusion of getting away from the crowds if only for a few minutes.

I find the items very easy on the eyes, and most of them come in pastel colours, which make them sort of girly. Although the prices are high, I wouldn't mind paying for them as they look really pretty enough to keep for a long time.

I'm a fan of their photo frames especially, with loads of pretty designs to choose from. I'll be looking forward to my next visit to Lovely Lace.

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All things girly

Being one of the first few girly gift shops that I've come across, I've always noticed the presence of Lovely Lace. However, I tend to avoid this place due to the overwhelming smell/fragrance of the shop. If there's one thing I hate about this place, it's the smell.

Prices however, are quite high. With soft toys from RUSS, quality is assured but they certainly don't come cheap. I love the softness of the fur of the toys from RUSS. There's photo frames, flowers, laces and all other girly stuff.

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High end gift shop

You will never miss the shop and you will definitely notice the shop by their unique potpourri fragrance. Some find it soothing and welcoming but I do not fancy the fragrance. The setting of Lovely Lace is inviting you into fairyland where everything is lovely and everyone is prince or princess. You can get teddy bears, tablecloths, linens with lace trimming and embroidered flower and everything that you need to setup a princess’s bedroom. All the items sold are uniquely hand-made and long lasting. I believe you will get ideal gift for your beloved if you step into Lovely Lace. Just make sure that you can drag yourself out of the fairyland illusion when you walk out from the shop.

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