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Listing created by Kooooon on October 17, 2012    

UNIQLO, a Japanese casual clothing brand providing quality casual wear at remarkably low prices, opened its first outlet in Malaysia in November 2010 and is the largest in South East Asia. 

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Simple, Striking, Comfortable Casual Clothes

Founded in 1984 in Naka-ku, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, Uniqlo, which is a contraction for "Unique Clothing", is a Japanese casual wear retail franchise. Uniqlo is known for designing and producing their own range of clothing. Founder Tadashi Yanai has a simple philosophy; his clothing must be affordable for all, functional and durable enough for daily wear, simple to wash and clean, yet stylish and vibrant in design. This simple approach has made Uniqlo one of the world's biggest apparel brands.

Uniqlo casual wear clothing designs, whether for men or women, all have design elements that are best described as clean, simple, functional, and minimalist. They often have varying shades of bold, vibrant colours for each design, which makes Uniqlo stores seem like a rainbow of colours. Because Uniqlo casual wear clothing is so simple yet essential, it has an almost universal appeal, allowing customers to mix, match, and create their own styles with very little fuss.

Aimed at the mass market, casual or urban basics shoppers, Uniqlo manages to keep their clothing prices low due to large economies of scale, and control over the manufacturing chain. Furthermore, Uniqlo clothing is rather durable, easily lasting more than 1 year, and with proper care, perhaps more than 2 years. And with each piece (top / bottom) costing about SGD $25 or thereabouts, it's incredible value for money.

Uniqlo is also known for their innovative technology, and their willingness to change and challenge conventional wisdom. The most important technological breakthrough at Uniqlo is evident in their HeatTech clothing, which is made with proprietary heat-retaining polyester-and-nylon yarn. This synthetic material has air pockets between the treads, which help retain heat, and get rid of moisture. But Uniqlo isn't satisfied, and is continually innovating, either by creating new clothing technologies, or finding cheaper, more efficient ways of manufacturing that maintains the high quality the brand is known for.

I love the extensive range of vibrant designs at Uniqlo, which are fashionable yet comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis, as well as their wallet friendly prices. I also admire Tadashi Yanai approach to doing business, and how he's grown the company internationally.

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Clothing collaboration with modern artists
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Affordable, Good Quality Items and Excellent Customer Service

Uniqlo has slowly become one of my favourite places to shop because of their ridiculously low prices and comfy, good quality clothes. Many people don't know this, but Uniqlo has Limited Offers practically every Friday - Sunday. Don't believe me? Check out their site online. It's legit.

Normally I only purchase stuff from Uniqlo when they have their Limited Offers going on. When I have my eye on something, I wait until it is on sale before buying it. And their Limited Offers are not like crappy 5% - 20% discounts, too. Usually T-Shirt prices drop from RM39.90 to RM19.90, and that's about 50% discount! Some even go as low as RM12.90, especially those not in season items. Like, seriously, that's cheaper than Pasar Malam clothes. And when you purchase any pants, they also have free alteration available, perfect for someone petite like myself!

Besides their goods, I also love their service. Those people who work at Uniqlo are literally the friendliest people I have come across in a clothing store, period.

All in all, if you like basic and classic pieces that are both affordable and of good quality, you should really check out Uniqlo. Remember, be a smart shopper and check out their website before actually shopping there, you won't regret it!

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Mid Valley, Cheras Sentral, KLCC
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Beautiful and cheap sweaters

I bought some cute sweaters when they had a promotion. I've not been to UNIQLO often so I do not know if they always have promotions on their sweaters. The sweaters are wooly and come in many different attractive patterns.

The other clothes are not really attractive and expensive. They look very basic and the materials are thin. I do not think that it is worth it to spend on those clothes.

Many of my friends think that UNIQLO is overhyped as they found nothing nice at UNIQLO. I say, just go for the sweaters when they have a promotion.

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Unjustified price

I went for a window shopping session with my friends once during my visit to KL and we stopped by Uniqlo to take a look.

To simply put it, I think that the clothes were totally overpriced. Even though they seem to be made of good quality material, and I think I would find nicer clothes in outlets such as Quicksilver. Perhaps they think being an over-hyped overseas label would serve as their main selling point towards customers and would justify their steep price tag.

I also dislike how most of the designs was based on Japan's pop culture, being more of a western person myself. Perhaps other customers who are in to the Land of the Rising Sun would find this outlet more appealing.

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Farenheit 88
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Simplistic Designs with Bombastic Prices.

Uniqlo is one of those clothing stores that was heavily hyped when it first reached here. I remember the first Uniqlo outlet that opened was in Fahrenheit 88. I wasn't too keen on the idea of going all the way there only to be stuck in a store that was packed with people so I decided to wait until they branched out to different malls.

Fast forward to 2012, I went to their branch at 1 Utama about 2 weeks after their opening which was when the crowds piped down a bit. I find their clothes to be very simple with little to no designs. The colours were the pretty much the only attraction factor in the shop. It does have some T-shirts with anime designs but it was still pretty simple overall. But for simple clothes, their prices are pretty sky high.

A simple pair of slim fit jeans costs about RM170 there which I felt was a waste as you can get a similar pair of jeans at rm70 - rm100 at Padini. It's not a bad store, just that you need some extra cash to spend on if you wanna buy clothes here.

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Winter clothings?

Uniqlo was one of the first 'overseas outlets' which suddenly came into Malaysia. I remember the grand opening line was craaazy! And I actually lined up for hours just to go in.

On the first day of it's opening, I guess it wasn't too bad cause there were major opening promotions going on such as tops for RM20 and even nice skinnies for RM50. But later on as it is continuing it's daily sales, I realize Uniqlo's clothings aren't actually very cheap! In fact, they are pretty pricey.

Not only that, I really dislike the fact that they most follow the season based in Japan so their clothes are usually winter outfits. Which does not appeal to our humid weather here in Malaysia. I never bought anything again after their grand opening.

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Overpriced clothes

If I'm not mistaken, this brand is supposed to sell cheap casual wear. However, probably due to the standard of living here and the exchange rate, the clothes are a little too expensive for the typical Malaysians. I, for one, don't find it cheap.

The quality of the clothes are quite good but it only justifies the price tag. The design is not something to die for. It's only really basic clothes like plain round and V-neck tees, sweaters and jackets. I think my money would be better spent elsewhere with better design, albeit of slightly lower quality like Forever 21 and Cotton On.

Besides, I don't like the lighting of the entire place. It's too brightly lit and totally puts off my shopping mood. But maybe that's just me.

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(Updated: November 06, 2012)

Basic and quite expensive

Uniqlo sells casual, not much trendy clothes. Price is a bit expensive for just a simple top where you can get almost the same one elsewhere cheaper. Not really my cup of tea seeing that you have far better options with other outlets, offering trendier designs.

Clothes in Uniqlo are mostly very basic and monotone. Of course, they replenish their stocks quite often following each season. But still, nothing can beat their competitors.

However, their scarves are something you might want to have a look at, and maybe a steal. If you have a good eye, you can grab quite a nice piece and definitely won't cost you much.

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(Updated: October 17, 2012)

Casual wear at reasonable prices.

I still remember visiting the Mid Valley outlet on the first day of its grand opening, the crowd that went for their opening promotion was really huge.

To be honest, I went there mainly to get a few of the colored skinny jeans sold at RM50 each in which the original retail price is over RM100. I reached there around 12.30pm, went to the jeans section and found out ALL the colored skinny jeans were sold out. YES, ALL. Just within TWO HOURS. Left only blue and black jeans. I was quite disappointed at that time, but fortunately still managed to grab a few cheap T-shirts.

From that day onwards, whenever I want to get myself some casual clothing, I will pay a visit to Uniqlo. I especially like their basic-wear - simple, reasonably priced and really comfortable.

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Mid Valley Megamall
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