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#Lot 57 - 79, Jalan SS 15/8a, SS15, Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia 47500
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Listing created by Kooooon on October 16, 2012    

Located in the heart of SS15, the commercial centre of Subang Jaya, Asia Café is the Klang Valley's premier food court that offers an array of food and beverages of different cuisines including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Western, Middle Eastern and so on. Asia Café also offers entertainment outlets such as Internet cafe and pool tables. 

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Opening Hours:
12pm - 3am
Avg Price:
< $10
List of Outlets:
Lot 13A-1, Lakeside Wing,
Sunsuria Avenue,
Persiaran Mahogani,
Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya.

No. 1, Jalan OP 1/3,
Pusat Perdagangan One Puchong,
47100 Puchong.
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Wide variety to choose from

This is a very popular cafe as it is near big sized colleges. Unfortunately, they have decided to go down the path of charging exuberant prices for their food but not delivering in the flavour department. For RM 15 one can spend a lot on buying different types of food here but they all taste average at best. It is definitely not the place where you want to bring your date to for lunch.

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(Updated: July 12, 2013)


This food court attracts students due to the huge variety of food at affordable prices, and of course its location that is near INTI and Taylor's College. I had nasi ayam penyet which was good, though not among the best I have tried. At least the sambal was spicy enough to satisfy me.

A friend ordered chicken chop which tasted average. Another friend ordered pizza which was unexpectedly good. It had a thin crust and many toppings.

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Good Place to Play Pool, Not So Good Food.

I have been here countless amount of times with friends either to play pool or to watch football. The only way I'll be able to enjoy eating here is if I had about RM15 to spend as the indo mee goreng isn't properly cooked and all the other rice combos or noodles are pretty much tasteless. With enough money, you can go order the italian food or the sushi which tastes pretty good, especially the carbonara from the italian stall.

Asia Cafe is a great place if you enjoy playing or wanting to hone your skills in pool because the pool tables are almost on par with the tables in Club9 with a much cheaper price. Also, I enjoy playing here more not only because I tend to bump into friends often but also because I can actually hear my friends voice unlike Club9 which has some techno/dance music being blasted all the time.

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(Updated: January 03, 2013)

Memories of my lost phone

The last "memorable" incident I remember happening at Asia Cafe would be the lost of my phone. It was during a night where Manchester United and Chelsea were playing against each other. Asia Cafe is a hangout place for youngsters. Hence, the enormous amount of people.

I went up to the second floor to play a game of foosball and I put my phone by the table. The place was crowded with many youngsters who seem to be just "hanging out" on a seasonal night. Many weren't in to the game. I looked away for only approximately 3 minutes. 3 MINUTES and my phone was gone. Just like that! Not one of my friend saw who took it cause there were too many people there to suspect. So that was the last of my phone.

The place is over crowded when it comes to nights like this. But other than that, the place is getting more quiet each and every day.

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A favorite place for youngsters.

When I was still doing my under-graduate program at Taylor’s College, SS15 last year, Asia Café used to be one of my favorite spots to have lunch/dinner, or to play some pool.

Sadly, the food stalls that open in the afternoon are not many as those that open only during night time. Hence, our choices were quite limited. Overall most of the food there are not bad, but some are over-priced so beware.

The favorite food among my friends and I was definitely the Indoo Mee. Especially at the end of the month when everyone’s so “poor”, we will always order the Indoo Mee as lunch. It only costs RM2.50 for the Indoo Mee Single with egg, no joke. And the taste was quite good. Nice and cheap.

And I heard from my friend that the hourly rates for their Internet cafe is quite low, but I can't remember the exact price. Maybe around RM1-3 per hour I guess. That is why the Internet cafe is always crowded with college students around.

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Best Part:
Indoo Mee
Branch Location:
SS15, Subang Jaya
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