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Johor, Malaysia
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Listing created by June on October 02, 2012    

The most common bus rest stop area for people travelling in coaches between Singapore and Malaysia. Has rest rooms, prayer rooms, a mini-mart and big food court.

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The flies...

First impression: this place is actually kind of disgusting, sorry to say. Every time I come to Malaysia, the bus will stop at this rest stop. As with other rest stops, this place has food with prices not as friendly as other eatery places. But never mind, they have really nice food here. My first Ramly burger :)

So anyway I was really disgusted that this place is haunted by flies, dead or alive. You have no idea how often I had to shoo flies away (exercise of the hand haha). Anyway, they have this machine called a "Fly-Off" which really "Off-ed" my appetite. It seemed as if the (dead) flies were kept as pets. Eww.

The prices I am not going to comment on because I heard from my mother that all rest stops are overpriced to some extent. The food here is around RM 8 per meal which is kind of fine for me. But please, the flies.

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Average food with lots of noise

Being one of the most popular rest stops between Malaysia and Singapore, it was not a surprise for me to find the place somewhat lacking in the hygiene department. Since I am an avid traveler who has visited many rest stops along the highways in Malaysia, I have come to understand that noise, overpriced food and dirty habits are a common thing and this place is no different. My best advice for you if you absolutely have to make a stop here is to simply spend as little time as possible. Get your business done in the toilet and avoid purchasing any food or drink if possible as you do not want to be ripped off by the over exuberant prices here. Definitely not a pleasant place to be.

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Dirty place

I agree that the food is overpriced. Even the sandwiches are expensive. The place did not seem clean so I ended up buying sandwiches as they were packaged in plastic.

I also bought some dried food snacks which are aplenty. I also bought dodol which tasted very nice and fragrant!

The toilets are dirty and disgusting. Yucks, but then the same can be said for all bus rest stops in Malaysia I guess.

My priority is cleanliness so I hope that Malaysia bus rest stops would be well kept like the toilets at Sunway Pyramid.

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Overpriced food.

I find it strange that considering how overpriced and mediocre the food is at Yong Peng, it still remains very a very popular rest stop for many coaches. There is absolutely nothing special to mention about the food there except for the fact that it's hugely overpriced. For those who are craving for snacks like cup corn, waffles, steamed nuts, etc, there are some stalls operating 24 hours, although I find those overpriced as well and not as fresh.

On my last visit there, I bought 6 boxes of the Malay "dodol" kueh, which cost me a bomb! I had to fork out RM96 in all!! I would personally advise anyone who visits Yong Peng to limit their expenditures.

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(Updated: October 02, 2012)


I guess from a bus service point of view, this place is actually okay. There is plenty of parking space as well as a PA system to announce departures. It also has plenty of amenities for travellers.

Passenger wise however, its another story. The food here is very bland and very expensive compared to other parts of Malaysia. They just want to rip poor Singaporeans off. The only reason why people still go here is because its the only rest stop in the area. Thats why it can continue with this type of standards. There is absolutely zero competition!

I hope somebody makes another one soon with decent, inexpensive food. Everyone will immediately start going there instead. But first they gotta convince the bus drivers i guess.

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