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Each burger in Wendy’s® is only made once the customer places their order. This not only ensures that each burger is fresh off the grill, but also allows the customer to customize their burger just the way they like it.

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Sunway Pyramid, IOI Mall Puchong, Jaya One, Jalan Sultan Ismail, Mont’ Kiara, Giant Kota Damansara, Aeon AU2 and Berjaya Times Square.

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Under rated fast food chain

It is strange how one would have a hard time locating more Wendy outlets in Malaysia. As far as I know,there are only a few in KL itself, much less in other parts of the country. While the burgers and food are great and similarly priced with other fast food chains like KFC and McDonald's, the popularity of Wendy's is relatively small. There is next to no coverage of it in the media hence many people seem to think that the reason it has so few customers is because of its prices. An unfortunate misconception as one can get a meal that is as good as any other chain outlet.

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Good Alternative To Regular Fast-Food Chains

As far as I know, Wendy's has this misconception that if you want to eat here, you need to spend a little bit more than what you'd spend on a regular McDonald's or KFC meal. If they had took the time to properly study the menu, they would have found out that it is actually decently priced.

Wendy's has this burger which in a way, rivals the Burger King's Whopper called the 1 pounder cheeseburger. Now the size of the bun is pretty much the same, if not, only slightly bigger than McDonald's cheeseburger bun. The thing that makes it big is the fact that there are 4 square slices of beef patty being sandwiched together with cheese and lettuce. And the price of that combo meal hasn't even touched RM20.

This place is a great alternative to regular fast food chains if you want to try something other than a Big Mac, a Zinger or even if the other fast-food outlets are too packed.

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1/4 pounder, 1/2 pounder, 3/4 pounder and the 1 pounder
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Sunway Pyramid
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Tasty value meal

I wondered why Wendy's doesn't have a huge hit unlike their fast food rivals alike. Frequenting this restaurant a lot, I simply love how the food look the same as what they advertised on the board.

When I'm on a budget but decided to eat out, I always opted for Wendy's value meal. They totally a value for my money. I can get a fulfilling meal for only RM7 where the burgers are tasty and super delicious. I personally love their mushroom melt burger which is heavenly.

The price is a little than average but for the quality they're giving out, I don't mind paying a little extra for something that's proven good and delicious.

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