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Listing created by dayana on November 16, 2012    

Famous for its grilled burger, Burger Kings offers wide range of choices of burgers. Its signature menu is of course the Whopper burger. It serves meat, chicken and also fish patties.

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Whopper still satisfying as ever

The one thing I love about Burger King is the size of the burger. Notice how I used the singular form 'burger' and not 'burgers'. Well, that's because there's only one big burger in Burger King and that is the Whopper. Priced around RM14.95 for a combo meal, it is a burger that beats anything McDonald's has just as how The Rock would beat John Cena at Wrestlemania.

Jokes aside, it really tastes that delicious. All the other burgers in Burger King are a disappointment sadly with their dull taste and small sizes. Although not as small as the Colonel Burger in KFC but after looking at their respective advertisements, trust me, you would be really disappointed.

Oh, and also, try to avoid eating at their outlet in Paradigm Mall, it just tastes terrible for some strange reason.

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The king of tiny burgers.

The name 'Burger King' usually suggests that they serve the best burgers in town. At least, that is what they are trying to make you believe. First, their service. It was their new opening around Penang and somehow their soda machine is spoilt already. I ended up drinking some water.

Secondly, it's the burger itself. Its size is about half of McD's and KFC's burger. And it doesn't even taste good. The only thing worth complimenting about the place is the atmosphere felt calming. That is my one and only time I'm ever coming to burger king.

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Advertising at its best

I am a business student so I understand what advertising is for. That is exactly what I received at a Burger King outlet in Gurney Plaza which I patroned recently. I had just come out of the theater and was feleing hungry. So I passed by Burger King and saw they had some nice chicken grilled burgers for nearly half price and it included soda and some fries.

The end result,after a queue of 15 minutes, I received a burger which was about a third of what was shown in the picture. Naturally I was left feeling very dissatisfied as the portion is certainly too smal compared to an average sized burger from McDonalds. I will never step into another BK outlet again.

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The Advertised burgers are a lie!
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