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Originated from USA and currently is the third largest pizza company in the world. Serves variety of choices of pizza, pasta, rice and appetizer for dine-in.

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best pizza, hands down

The US-based franchise Papa John’s has finally made it to our shores, and I guarantee that this is the best pizza you will ever have. As of now there’s only one outlet in Tampines (luckily for me), and I would highly recommend having it there instead of delivery so you can have your pizza fresh. Sides are pretty expensive, but there are daily deals on weekdays, with my favourite being Tuesday’s one-for-one!

Apart from chili flakes, each pizza comes with a jalapeño and their signature garlic sauce, which is terribly sinful but heavenly when eaten with the pizza. Their hand-tossed crusts are fluffy and not too bready, and the filling is hearty with a generous amount of sauce. The cheese drag is the most satisfying I’ve had to date. You have to try John’s Favourite and Super Papa’s ($21 for Regular Original), their flavours really pack a punch. Skip the sides, and order on weekdays to get the most value-for-money. This pizza joint may just give Pizza Hut a run for its money.

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Just another fast food pizza joint

I have never believed in going into fast food chains that sell pizzas and I was proven right when I got an opportunity to see for myself how well this joint holds itself. I love pizza and the only ones I've tasted best were the ones in australia while I was studying there. Comparing to local standards like Dominos, Papa Johns actually falls way below the mark with average tasting pizzas and blend sauces while keeping the prices high. Not a good way to spend money for a meal as I always look for the best value. I'd avoid this place in the future.

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Loving the pizza

I was relieved to finally have a breather in pizzas other than the ordinary chains. The atmosphere of this restaurant is quite nice and very laid back which is perfect for the whole family.

The pizzas here are amazing. For once, I really enjoyed my slice of pizza because they made it so proper it feels like you're eating a true Italian pizza. It was a really good change from the express pizza I usually had for years.

The dough is good enough to my liking, not too thick not too thin and baked perfectly. But my favorite is their garlic dipping sauce which is heavenly and out of this world. I always asked for some extra whenever I dine here and even asked for a take away so I can enjoy the sauce at home.

With their delivery service now, I know I can still enjoy my great pizzas at the comfort of my home.

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An Interesting Place To Try.

Papa John's was one of the few restaurants that I've walked pass by and never thought going into, just like Popeye's. But then one day, after class was over and it was time for lunch, my classmates and I decided to walk to Sunway Pyramid in search of food. Thanks to having no idea on where to go and a certain degree of desperation for food, we decided to go to Papa John's.

The items on the menu were similar to Pizza Hut, with an addition of baked pasta and baked rice which is a bit hard to find in the Selangor area. I decided to share a Pepperoni pizza with one of my classmates who's also a pepperoni lover. It was pretty cheesy but the tomato sauce was too salty for my taste palate.

This place is ideal if you're not eating alone as you can save more money by ordering the set meals.

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Sunway Pyramid
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Naturally Healthy

My boyfriend and I tried the Papa John’s branch in Jusco AEON Wangsa Maju because we were both hungry and wanted to try something new. The atmosphere is definitely homey or comfy making you feel like you’re eating with a bunch of your friends.

The food is spectacular. They give out a small bowl of their pizza sauce to be eaten together with the pizza. The pizza tastes good and cheesy, and the breadsticks paired with the sauce tastes just as well. Their cheesesticks are in a form of a pizza which contradicts the name but the flavours do justice.

You can definitely taste the healthy ingredients they used. Definitely a better choice if you’re bored with other pizzerias.

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PIzza Sauce
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AEON Wangsa Maju
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Great cheese

I first tried Papa John's in Sunway Pyramid. It was really good and cheesy. It's just like those pizzas in advertisements where the pizza slice has to be pulled far away to separate the cheese on that slice from the rest of the pizza. The crust was not particularly good but the cheese won me over.

The prices are really quite reasonable, with the 12 inch specialty and classic pizzas going for only RM30. I tried the Hawaiian Papa and there's lots of cheese as mentioned. Great for an affordable lunch if you're on a budget. The food isn't bad either. The ambience was just like any other pizza joint but I personally like it better than PIzza Hut.

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