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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Hot

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KFC is famous for its tasty chicken. It is one of the well known and favorited fast food chain in Malaysia. It also has large number of outlets across Malaysia.


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Stop serving cold food!

One thing I really don’t like about KFC is that they always serve their food cold. Heavy meals shouldn’t be served cold in my opinion as they look unappetizing.

I love KFC’s spicy fried chicken, Twister (and some variants of Twister) and potato wedges with cheese sauce especially when they are served hot. The fried chicken skin is crispy and delcious albeit unhealthy. As for the nuggets, I have always preferred the nuggets at McD than KFC.

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A Taste That Has Not Changed In Years

Out of all the fast-food restaurants in Malaysia, KFC is the place where most of my cravings come from. From the distinctive taste of cheesy wedges to the wonderful-to-eat-especially-when-you're-sick whipped potatoes. KFC has tasted the same over the years which doesn't disappoint me, unlike McDonald's which is getting worse every year.

The only problem with this place is that the size of the burger is small. I can literally put the entire Colonel Burger inside my mouth and I won't have a hard time chewing it down. The Zinger on the other hand is of a standard burger size and probably the only burger worth eating.

As for service, I would definitely say it differs from branch to branch as I have been to some which has fast service like the one in Extreme Park Shah Alam while the one in Kelana Jaya SS6 is really slow.

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Finger lickin' good indeed.

There's something that doesn't change about KFC. It's the fried chicken. Ever since I was a child, I loved them. Now KFC has improved even further with their own chicken rice, and their zinger burger. Their new burger, the Double Down, has 2 pieces of fried chicken with some cheese in the middle. Sounds simple, but it tastes absolutely fantastic. KFC has improved very since the past.

However, their service is not as good. Sometimes while ordering, the waiter will get agitated or angry, especially if there is alot of people. Overall, still a great place to have some fried chicken.

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McD's fried chicken is better

I used to love KFC when I was young and especially looked forward to their yearly special of fried chicken with curry powder. It is usually on the menu during Hari Raya. However, after I've tried Mcdonald's fried chicken, I now feel that nothing can beat McD's spicy crunchy fried chicken. KFC's chicken is almost inedible after it is cold. So it would be best to eat it in the restaurant instead of packing them home.

As for McD's, the fried chicken does not have the bad chicken smell even after an hour long journey home. Another disadvantage of having KFC is the chilli sauce. It's less spicy than McD's.

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Hearty meals but a bit high on the calories

KFC has some of the best fried chicken in town and I believe they certainly earn the right to call themselves as McDonald's number 1 competitor in Malaysia.

Their trademark , the Zinger burger is a spicy combination of crunchy chicken breast topped with salad dressing and some thousand island sauce which makes it such a heavenly product. They recently introduced the "Double Down" which was basically a burger where the buns are replaced with chicken meat instead and with tomato slices and mayonnaise in between. Needless to say, it is very popular among Malaysians.

KFC has very good customer service as well as it is their nationwide store policy to greet customers with a smile and they really do just that. A smile is so important and to me as a customer, I would feel happy to part with my money, to a person with a sweet smile. The other winning factor for me is that KFC serves Mountain Dew which is a soda I truly lvoe. Too bad they don't have an infinite amount of refills.

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Crunchy chicken delight
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Queensbay Mall Penang
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