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An international fast food chain that offers Italian-American cuisine, and famous pan-pizza. It offers a cosy, friendly ambience in which a great place to be with family and friends.

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Affordable and delicious pizzas

My favourite pizzas are the seafood pizza and the masala one. I agree that the quality of Pizza Hut has deteriorated though. I remember that the chicken wings used to taste great but it is not good anymore so I no longer order them when I go to Pizza Hut. It used to be a staple order when my family goes to Pizza Hut.

Besides pizza, I have tried the lasagna and spaghetti which were disappointing. Secret Recipe’s lasagna tastes better. The spaghetti tasted bland, you can get better spaghetti at many other places.

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Lots of variety...decent taste

From my experience, Pizza Hut has been drastically decreasing in quality every year. It still tastes good but not what I remembered from previous years. I am a big fan of pepperoni pizzas with beef mostly. If you had asked me 5 years ago, where is the best beef pepperoni pizza in malaysia that isn't in a high class restaurant, I would say Pizza Hut. But now, that title belongs to Domino's Pizza.

The only thing I like about Pizza Hut is that there are more things to order compared to Domino's Pizza. Oh, and also, their crusts taste delicious and not bland like Domino's. It has that buttery, toasty taste in their crusts. I don't know if it differs from different locations but the ones in Glomac Kelana Jaya, Sunway Pyramid and Extreme Park Shah Alam has very slow service. It took about an hour to make my pizza and I was pretty much the only customer at the time.

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Fast delivery and tasty

Who doesn't love Pizza Hut? They're among the oldest pizza chain that stood around for so long in Malaysia. My early days with this place is very memorable. I missed how they used to have a counter where you can pour your own soup, choose whatever you need for your salad and a desert bar. I really missed that because I was so excited each time my dad let me choose our pick.

The modern pizzeria now is all about fuss free and fast delivery. The quality of the pizza remains the same, which I love the most and the price is affordable, which is good. I always have my pizza at the comfort of my home because ordering is super easy now with their online ordering system and within 20 minutes, my pizza is delivered at the doorstep warm and tasty.

Sometimes, I think their delivery service is far more efficient than dining at the restaurant. I once have to wait for almost 45 minutes for a pizza to arrive on the table. What a lousy service but it won't dampened my mood to keep enjoying great, fresh pizzas from Pizza Hut.

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There is a reason why they have so many outlets.

For the price and quality of food, I really have been quite satisfied with Pizza Hut over the years! What really impresses me is that they constantly try their best to come up with new and innovative pizzas. Though the new “inventions” don’t taste fantastic all the time, I do appreciate the effort!

One thing I must always get is the spicy drumlets. The drumlets are consistently juicy and the marinade unfailingly sees me licking my fingers every time. If you are a bit of a scrooge, don’t buy one drumlet for each person to try, that would be absolute torture. If I could, I would give up my share of the pizza just to take all the drumlets. I thoroughly enjoy the lasagna as well, though the portions are a little too small for my liking. Pizza Hut serves great party food, and I always look forward to my next encounter!

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A franchise that continues to disappoint

I have tried eating at Pizza Hut at many different outlets and I always find the same problems with all of them. Perhaps I am setting my expectations too high as a diner? You can be the judge.

I find the outlets sorely lacking proper service. You'd have to wait for ages for a waiter to respond to your requests of refills for your drink or if you want an extra plate to share the pizza with a friend. The wait for a pizza is normally quite long (about 40 minutes or so) so perhaps you might want to bring along a snack lest you die from hunger before the pizza came.

The level of innovation is also very low as Pizza Hut doesn't try to improve its overall core pizza but instead choose to have gimmicks such as putting on a scoop of ice cream on every slice of pizza. I cannot possibly fathom who will enjoy the taste of barbecue sauce mixed in vanilla.

Despite being one of Malaysia's largest pizza franchises, I find they have nothing special to offer as compared to other franchises like Dominos.

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Sunway Pyramid
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