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Labuan International Sea Sports Complex

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Jalan Tanjung Purun, Labuan
Sabah, Malaysia 87008
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Listing created by grato1412 on March 08, 2013    

Labuan International Sea Sports Complex is a meeting place for all water and sea based sports in Labuan. Activities such as jet ski riding and banana boat ride can be accessed here. The annual Labuan International Sea Challange is also held here every here.

The complex also has some cultural souvenir shops, a food court, the office of the Labuan Tourism boards and last but not least, the Labuan Marine Museum. 

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Dead zone

The Labuan International Sea Sport Complex is one of the place advertised to be the center of all water based sport in Borneo. However, despite this claim, it is sort of a dead zone with no activity whatsoever without the annual Labuan International Sea Challenge event. There's really no reason to be here, for business or leisure. Sure, there's the banana boat ride and jet ski riding provided here. But even those activities lose it's shine when done very frequently.

But, if there's anytime when it's worth visiting the complex, it's during the event. There's just so many sights and sound to experience. The swimming, the fishing, the dragon boat rides, all in one place. How exciting! One of my favorite moment is when an angler was single-handedly reeling in a fish that was bigger than himself. It's just one of those sights that one will not forget.

Besides that, there's one of the stalls here in the food court that serves a very delicious meal of Nasi Lemak. The sauce comes in 2 choices, mild and very spicy. So, you're free to choose! However, do be noted that the vendor seems to be a little racist. One of my Chinese friends was overcharged just for one serving of Nasi Lemak when compared to the rest of us who had a very obvious native look on our faces and this happened quite a number of times. I guess she's not that friendly towards other races. But, it's worth it as I can't seem to find any other Nasi Lemak like this anywhere else.

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Nasi Lemak
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