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Little India Little India, Brickfields
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 13, 2012    

A great place to spend the afternoon absorbing the local Indian culture. There are things to buy, places to see and new food to taste practically everywhere.

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The pride of the Indians!

I had a chance to visit the little Indian corner of KL during my visit and I had to say, it was totally worth it.

For those who didn't know, I am a lover of Indian cuisine and although you can find an Indian restaurant anywhere, it's hard to find something that suites your personal taste buds. Indeed, the Bakti Woodlands restaurant right here in Little India had something that does just that. The dishes here are served on a banana leaf. How's that for authenticism? However, do note that the food here are vegetarian. Besides that, there's also some goods such as Indian clothing for sale on the sidewalks.

Another thing that you should take note is that this place is totally packed in the weekends. Perhaps even on the weekdays. I am note sure since I only visited this place once on a weekend.

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Bakti Woodlands
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Walk Around A Bit

Little India Kuala Lumpur, a place packed with locals and tourists alike. It's one of many local market that exists in the KL area. I came here with friends as we got off a nearby LRT station as we were just looking for a place to walk. I don't quite see the indian culture here but then again, I'm a little oblivious on culture.

Despite the large crowd, I had no problems navigating the place as I am pretty tall for a Malaysian. In fact, my friends had to cling on to me just in case they have gotten themselves lost. They sell a lot of local items and food. There's nothing much special about this place to compare it with other local markets but it's still a great place to visit nonetheless.

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Huge crowds

This place is always packed and since it's located next to Jalan TAR, be prepared to face the huge crowds doing their shopping or just loitering around.

A place of mixed cultures and not entirely Indian, I found this is a nice place to feel the buzz and see what and how commoners and real people do for a living. I learnt a lot by just being here. Somehow, I enjoyed the sights.

Despite the fast pace of crowds, you can definitely do your shopping or just walk around the shopping area and who knows, you might find something that tickles your fancy. Personally, I think the items sold here are somewhat below than average. And I don't like how the foreigners dominated the bazaar. It seems like this place has lost its original charms.

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Fun way to spend a lazy afternoon

I often find myself in many places around Kuala Lumpur in my travels. On one fine day, I had the opportunity to visit this place. It was much bigger than the Little India I had in Penang and there were many more items such as clothing and food that were on sale. Entering the market feels like entering a whole new country for me. On both sides of the street I would smell the delicious smells of the special perfume Indians use and I see many stores selling colorful saris. All the time, I would be accompanied by the soft sound of Tamil or Hindi music playing some where nearby. I believe there are music stores selling music cds at every corner.

I enjoy learning about the many cultures and races that share Malaysia with me so this was definitely a great cultural learning experience.

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Sight,smells and sound
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