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Petaling Street (茨厂街)

Petaling Street (茨厂街) Hot

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55, Jalan Petaling,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50000
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Listing created by Kooooon on October 19, 2012    

Petaling Street, or known as Chinatown among tourists, is located in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. It is a bustling market serving as a bargain hunter's paradise, it also has dozens of restaurants and food stalls serving local favorites such as Hokkien Mee, ikan bakar, asam laksa, curry noodles and many others.

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Dirty, dangerous and cheap shopping!

Cheap goods and dangerous atmosphere awaits those who comes to Petaling Street. Don't let the cheap price tag fool you though, most if not all of the items located here are imitation.

If you do not mind the very noisy atmosphere and dirty kitchens. There are been some mamak stalls and restaurants along the streets which would be worth a visit. I personally like the fried noodle dish of the stalls there offer(didn't remember which one though). The mix of pork sausages mixed with the correct spices and a cold drink (try the milk grass jelly or 'cincau susu') really hits the spot after a day of bargain hunting.

A personal word of advice however, do not bargain unless you really plan on buying the item. The vendor will literally chase and hunt you down as long as you remain in the streets and they will remember your face for future visits. And finally, beware of snatch thieves and pick pockets. For those with a backpack, wear them in front of you! Not on your back.

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Food and cheap stuffs!
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Local Markets

Petaling Street is the place I never bring a lot of money to. Why? Only because the strangest of characters that exists in Kuala Lumpur tends to be here. Instead of hoping to find a way to catch a thief, I thought that the best way would to be prevent it. Anyway, Petaling Street is a place that you can find local goods as well as replica items that look almost exactly like their original counterpart.

The only downside is that you have to be really careful as the merchants here tend to sound really forceful and most of them will try to cheat you. If you go there with the impression that you don't really need the item then you will have higher chances of being able to get much lower prices. They're selling replicas so the item usually isn't of high quality so don't buy things here if you want them to last for the long run.

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Where's all the Malaysian?

Personally I didnt enjoy my trip to Petaling street, I've heard a lot about this place but its really not what/how they were described, or how I expected it to be.

For one,most of the workers are all trying so hard to hassle you into buying their stuff, a little to harsh, plus with their funny funny accents, which is annoying. and it got me thinking, what happened to the locals that used to work here ?

The goods are not that cheap (even after bargaining like crazy) and plus they literally screams "im fake !!!" so might as well just pass.........

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Not much different than a market!

Growing up in Selangor/KL, tourist areas aren't really my favourite. The only reason why I would head to Petaling Street is to eat hokkien mee! Or perhaps bring my cousins around for a tour to buy "cheap" stuff.

Well to me, they aren't really cheap price-wise, but more like cheap in quality-wise! Everything there are mostly fake branded items. Bangladesh workers there would be screaming all the way asking you to visit their store but at the same time, they do it pretty rudely! I really dislike how it is packed at night and there are so little space to walk in between. Not only that, this place is really famous for pick-pockets! We had to walk in fear with our bags in front of our tummies and having to be pushed around by bigger-szied people walking along the street.

I wouldn't go there unless I am desperate to get something cheap despite caring about the quality and the authenticity of the item! Or maybe just to eat, I would.

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Like a huge Daiso,

Ah Petaling Street. The famous (or infamous) place where you can find practically anything there for a cheap price which can get cheaper depending on how well you bargain.

You can find any designer brand pieces of clothing there for very cheap prices. Naturally,those items are imitations. It would be best to visit there and look for negligible household items rather than 'branded' ones. Do beware of the insanely high marked up prices of the goods. Especially if you aren't a local so you need to be a brave haggler and always remember that the items aren't valued so highly.

A good tactic I would use is to provide a price that is about 50% to 75% less than the price marked on the price tag. If the seller refuses just put the item down and walk away. He may or may not call you back and give you a better price but even if he doesn't, you could still try your luck elsewhere as I saw stall after stall selling the same goods.

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Test your bargaining skill!

This is the place if you're looking for branded fake goods. Most of the stalls sell more or less the same items so repetition is expected. You need a good bargaining skill to survive here. They marked up the price to almost 100% so be wise, test your skill and try haggling until you can get the item you want at 70% less than the original price.

Petaling Street used to be fun. But lately I noticed that the sellers are pushy. Majority of the stalls were managed by some foreigners too so the vibe of local Chinese operators has subsided. This is what I miss the most about this place.

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Beware of Snatch Thieves and Pick Pockets!!

It used to be a good place to shop for "affordable" branded goods such as sportswear, perfumes, watches, belts, bags..... etc. Somehow, the promoters are not friendly and helpful. You must be good in haggling the price of goods as the promoter will always sell at a high price initially.

Besides, I still remember that there was once I visited to the Petaling Street, I had a bad experienced, my wallet was being picked pocket. There was so many hassle that I had to report to local police and need to do replacement at the local authorities. When I made report to police, the officers in charged claimed they could not do anything also, you yourself need to be careful. It was almost 5 to 6 years ago and this had caused me not so wiling to visit the place anymore.

Indeed there are some nice local foods around but it is a traumatic experience for me!

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Interesting atmosphere

Petaling Street is Kuala Lumpur’s famous Chinatown. Whether you are a traveller or a local you should really make a visit to this well-known street. It is not so much as to visit for the purpose of shopping here as most stuffs are pirated or fake here plus the prices are quite expensive although some are negotiable. Visit this place for its food and environment as you can easily reach this place using LRT. When I was still a student I usually frequent Petaling Street for the anime & manga ( Japanese cartoon & comics) shops there which also sells a lot of cheap Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong dramas. It can be crowded on certain days and time so take extra good care of your belongings when you are pushing through the crowd.

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Not much to buy but a lot to eat

I used to visit Petaling Street frequently. You have to be street smart if you want to buy stuffs here. You have to try really hard to get a worth buy as normally they marked up almost 100%. Try going with a local where they usually get better price then foreigners. The place is also very crowded, so be careful of your belongings. If you wonder around Petaling Street, you may find some sumptuous street foods, you can get a lot of Chinese foods here and if you dig in deeper, you can get some great Indian and Malay foods as well.

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Mostly pirated and fake goods sold here.

I've visited Petaling Street a couple of times over the past 3 years, and both time I came away feeling unimpressed and practically empty-handed. Although bargaining and haggling is a common sight at the stalls, and even though the place is usually crowded with locals as well as tourists trying to look for a bargain, I don't really find the items worthy of the prices they're sold at.

Admittedly, the food here is good. numerous restaurants and food stalls line the streets and it is a literal melting pot of cultural food smells all blending together. However, I feel that once here you should try out the large selection of local Chinese cuisine.

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