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Batu Ferringhi Beach Malaysia 11100 Penang, Malaysia
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Listing created by Iswariya on October 05, 2012    

The Penang Night Market is located along the Batu Ferringhi stretch and is a huge draw for tourists over the years. There are stalls after stalls of vendors selling everything from trinkets and souvenirs to "branded" items. The streets come alive at night with the banter of tourists and stall-owners alike and it has embedded itself into Penang culture.

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Souvenirs galore

The Penang Night Market just along Batu Ferringhi has always been packed with people, especially tourists. It gets a bit tough to move from stall to stall at times but since I am a tall person, I don't have that much trouble to move around. There are plenty of items being sold here from foods like that apam balik to the replica items.

They also sell souvenirs here which are mostly targeted on the tourists. The replicas here look much better than the ones being sold at Petaling Street but just like the comparison, do be careful around here. You need to be patient and try negotiate the price. Otherwise, you would've wasted a lot of money.

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Being a celebrity

If you are a tourist to the night market, be ready to be treated like a celebrity. Every where you go, sellers of various items from pirated DVDs to shisha pots will be calling out for you to check on their goods.

It's not all that bad though because personally I like to be in a crowd. Everywhere I look people were window shopping, bargaining, laughing and generally having a good time. Most people were smiling as they shook their heads politely at the invitation of the sellers. I actually prefer going to the night market for food as there are several great coffee shops nearby which sell great local food at cheap prices.

In a nutshell the night market is great for people who are staying in the area such as tourists and who want to enjoy shopping for bargains. Just be sure to do some actual bargaining

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Batu Ferringhi Penang
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Good experience in bargain-hunting!

I visited the Penang night market... and came away with several bags of good! I learnt how to bargain with the stall-holders there and it was an overall enjoyable experience for me.

I was pleased with the variety of dresses they have there, with dresses also for all occasions. with vivid colours and sleek designs, I can't help but admit that they really caught my eye. there's your run-of-the-mill souvenir shops, as well as the unique souvenirs like fresco paintings, calligraphy, holographic posters, etc.

It's something every tourist should experience at least once, as part of the Penang culture.

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Variety of sourvenirs

The night market stretches for so long that we decided to call it an off and just settle what we have! There are varieties of items to get from the night market. However, you will find most of the items to be repetitive. Try hard to bargain as some of the shop can drop their price about 30% - 40%. Buy in bulk also can lower down the price to certain extend! We settled with some key chains and headed for our supper during our walk back to hotel. I would suggest to get some souvenirs then starting hunting for great food along the market.

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