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Jalan Hang Jebat
Malacca, Malaysia 75200
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Listing created by May on September 29, 2012    

It is a recommended place for those who would like to discover Melaka in an interesting and interactive way.

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Must Go place in Melaka

If you never been to Jonker Street, don't ever tell me you have been to Melaka. This is the place you will get all kinds of cheap and nice food and beverages. However, walking under hot sun in Jonker Street is killing me! Luckily there are still cendols to get rid of the hotness. It is a lot better to go for the night market to grab all the tidbits. I bought dodol and pineapple tart as souvenirs to bring back home. The time I went the night market is on Sunday, which I think that's why not much stalls and people there, so it's a lot easier to walk around. Anyway, other than the food, the building designs are the other highlights that attract me. of course I had took a lot of pictures especially when come to the baba nyonya buildings

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(Updated: July 10, 2013)

Great food

Jonker Street is like pasar malam, except that it is much better. The food here is great, be it snacks like glutinous rice with peanuts (mua chi) or desserts like ais kacang or filling food like the Peranakan food. Malacca is probably the champion in Malaysia in terms of food.

I really enjoy going to Jonker Walk at night as there are many things to look at such as paintings, traditional toys, batik clothes (seem to be popular among foreigners) and live bands. At Malacca, I believe that Jonker Walk is way more interesting than the malls.

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Cultural Extravaganza

Having heard of Jonker street for years and years but not having the opportunity to go, I finally decided to plan for a road trip down to Malacca last month. I come from Penang which is another great location known for its food so naturally I was skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised at how there was not only a huge variety of food to choose from, but the food still manages to remain unique. After all, how many times have stalls tried to differentiate their chicken rice from another?

I had many delicacies which incorporated the use of Gula Melaka which is akin to brown sugar but tasting completely different. I am happy that till this day, there is still food in Malaysia which I have not yet taste. It really encourages me to explore the other states in my country just to see what they might have to offer to satisfy my palette.

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Experience the Culture.

Jonker's Street is place I learned about while overhearing some of my classmates talking. Yes, I have sharp ears. My main motivation for going to this place is not the culture, not even any part of the culture. I wanted to go there to enjoy the food as I overheard my friend talking about a variety of food there which got me quite curious.

The food there that got my attention were durian cendol, durian puffs and the assam laksa. It was delicious. I've never thought durian-based food would be able to taste so good. And the smell isn't strong either. The assam laksa here is very tasty and not as flaky as the ones that are being sold in local night markets.

Overall, a pleasant experience. I can't wait to come here again.

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Melaka's cultural findings

Jonker's Street will always be on the top of my list whenever I visit Melaka. Apart from its rich, cultural findings, one can find scrumptious and delicious food and snacks along the way.

Dominated mainly by Chinese and Peranakans, I can simply say that this place is the Little Chinatown of Melaka. Come by at night, and you will be greeted by bright, neon lights and stalls are everywhere offering anything from clothes to accessories, decoration items to food.

There is one shop selling delicious, out of this world durian puffs. Stock up a lot, because they're simply tasty and full of flavor. Other than that, their pineapple tart is something not to be missed too.

Overall, I will always enjoy my trip to Jonker's Street and seeing it improved tremendously over the years is a great joy.

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A place that tells everything about Melacca

Melacca has always been one of my favourite places. The best part of Jonker Street is the night market during weekends that sells everything from tasty treats to cheap keepsakes. It is the best place for you to get some unique souvenirs. There are many shops selling souvenirs like personalized key chain, photo frame, and etc. The Geographer Cafe, which is located at the middle of the street, is the best place to have daily dose of beers as you chill with your friends. With live bands performing and people strolling along Jonker Street, the atmosphere is simply awesome and relaxing.

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Rich with Local Foods Especially Weekend!

This is one of the famous tourist attraction irregardless Locals or Foreigners. I almost visit Malacca once a month with a purpose of visiting their weekend night market. There are varieties of famous local foods, such as Ikan Bakar Nyonya, Asam Laksa, Chicken Rice Ball, and Cendol Durian.

All these delicious food can be hunt all along Jonker Street night market without any hassle but the only thing is, too crowded. During weekend is the most peak hour full with locals and also tourists, if you wish to sit down nicely and comfortably to enjoy your dinner, advised that visit to the night market at about 6.30pm and if you're later than this hour, I guess you'll have to stand and enjoy looking at people to have their delicious meals.

I still remember there is one of my most favorite shop that sells Durian Puff, it is a snack stuff with Durian cream. It is sold in few package and you may select the amount of Durian Puff you wish to purchase. There are few shops that sell this snack, but I will recommend to purchase at Poh Keong Ent. located somewhere near the middle of jonker street.

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A historical place with great cultures and foods.

Jonker Street is a must visit place when one comes to Malacca whether it be in the day or night. Restaurants selling local foods, shops selling handcrafts and souvenirs, and even museums can be found there.

I enjoy soaking up the culture as I walk through those beautiful heritage buildings. And the best part about Jonker Street is you can find most of the local foods in one place such as Chicken Rice Ball, Durian Cendol, Satay Celup and many more.

However, I’ve never been to the night market in Jonker Street before as it opens on weekends only. But I always hope to have the chance to visit it soon.

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Local food
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Great place to feel the Malaysian culture

Jonker street is the most attractive tourist spot in Melaka. You can get most of the tasty food there, for example like Chicken Rice from Hoo Kee, Cendol and Nyonya Laksa from Jonker 88, famous pineapple tart, and many else local food. Besides that, it has many stalls selling accesories and decoration, and you can buy some souvenirs with cheap price. I always went to Jonker gallery which located in Jonker street, as there are many souvenirs and accesories selling there, as well as Clothes or bags. Should visit Jonker street at fri,sat and sunday night as Night market will be held, and lots of crowd there. You will enjoy the merry atmosphere!

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Great food hunting session

Jonker Street is where you get most of the great food, from chicken rice ball, laksa, and duck noodle to my favorite durian cendol. Almost every trip, no matter is vacation or business trip, I will up having at least one meal in Jonker Street. Even though the street is not so lively at day time, you still able to find most of the great food! The night life of Jonker Street is worth to go, you will get handcraft from chopsticks, key chain to table lamp. A recommended place if you are thinking to get some unique decoration for your house.

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Durian Cendol
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Best place to try out chicken rice balls and durian cendol

Was on a one day trip to Malacca and had the opportunity to visit Jonker Street. Well actually I made it a must visit as I have read many nice reviews about the food that can be found along this street. It is located like in the heart of the city and can easily be reached just by walking around town.

Our first stop was to try out the chicken rice ball. Read all about it online and was eager to try it out. It didn’t disappoint actually as the chicken was quite nice and the rice balls almost as big as a ping pong ball was cute. But after trying it out once, I would not really be dying to come back for more as I can find better tasting chicken rice, well with the rice not in balls form, in my own town. Next I hunted for the famous durian cendol. It was a nice dessert especially in the hot weather. Just nice to cool you down.

Although during the day Jonker Street is less lively, there are still many shops which sells handmade souvenirs and interesting items. Too bad I did not get the chance to experience the night life in Jonker Street. One day I would be sure to visit at night.

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