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Chatime is a tea-shop chain in Malaysia originating from Taiwan. One of it's main objective is to create a brand that appeals to younger, health conscious consumers. It serves a variety of tea, coffee and beverages. 

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< $10
List of Outlets:
1. Pavilion Kuala Lumpur (4th Floor, Connection)
2. Berjaya Times Square (Lower Ground Floor)
3. Sunway Pyramid New Wing (First Floor, Blue Atrium)
4. The Gardens Mall (Lower Ground Floor)
5. SStwo Mall, Petaling Jaya (Ground Floor)
6. SS15, Subang Jaya (NO 57-1, 1st Floor)
7. First Avenue Mall, Penang (8th Floor)
8. Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus (G-12, Ground Floor)
9. IOI Boulevard, Puchong
10. Kota Damansara (No. 29-1-1, Jalan PJU 5/10)
11. Batu Pahat Mall, Johor (First Floor)
12. Dataran Pahlawan Melaka (First Floor)
13. Viva Home, Cheras (Ground Floor)
14. Damansara Uptown, Damansara Utama (5oG, SS21/58)
15. Sunway Pyramid Old Wing (Oasis Boulevard)
16. Subang Parade (LG Floor)
17. Green Town, Ipoh (2-G, Persiaran Greetown 6, Greentown Business Centre)
18. The Summit, Subang USJ (Ground Floor)
19. The Scott Garden, Jalan Klang Lama (F-AP-22, First Floor)
20. Publika,Solaris Dutamas (Lot FC 18, Level UG1)
21. Selayang Mall (GSW1B)
22. First Subang (G-06, Ground Floor)
23. Sri Petaling (No. 73, Jalan Radin Bagus)
24. Plaza Mont Kiara (D-OG-02A, Block D)
25. One Utama (Lot SK 101, 2nd Floor Old New Wing)
26. Sunway Carnival Mall (LG-K4 & LG-K4A, Lower Ground)
27. Aman Suria (B-G-8, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara)
28. Kenanga Wholesale City (First Floor)
29. Cheras Leisure Mall (First Floor)
30. AEON Jusco Cheras Selatan (First Floor)
31. Sunway Carnival, Butterworth (Lower Ground Floor)
32. Midvalley Megamall (3rd Floor)
33. AEON Jusco Bandaraya Malaka (Ground Floor)
34. Bangsar Village 1 ( F-29, First Floor)
35. Penang Belissa Row (368-1-5, Bellisa Row, Jalan Burma)
36. The Curve (Ground Floor)
37. The Mines (3rd Floor)
38. Chatime Galleria Lot 10 (LTC/T4, Bintang Terrace)
39. Platinum Victoria 128, Setapak (G13A, PV 128) Jalan Sultan ( Petaling Street)
40. Chatime Galleria AEON Jusco Bukit Tinggi, Klang (First Floor)
41. Chatime Galleria Kepong (129, Jalan Rimbunan Raya 1)
42. Desa Park City (First Floor , The Waterfront @ Parkcity)
43. Chatime Galleria Ipoh De Gardens (DGR-6 De Garden)
44. KL Festival Mall (LOT F13A, First Floor)
45. Chatime Galleria Kota Kemuning (Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE 31/BE)
46. Wangsa Maju (Taman Desa Setapak- Jalan 14/27B)
47. Chatime Galleria Puteri Puchong (Jalan Puteri 1/4)
48. Wangsa Walk ( First Floor)
49. Ipoh S18 ( Lot G69 )
50. Taman Sutera Utama ( 44 Ground Floor, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/4 )
51. Tropicana City Mall ( Lot G-06, Ground Floor )
52. Straits Quay ( Lot 3G-G-8, Straits Quay )
53. Masjid Jamek ( No. 45-6 Ground Floor )
54. PJ New Town ( No 20, Jalan Tengah )
55. Empire Shopping Gallery ( LK-08, Lower Ground Floor )
56. Setia City Mall ( LG-K07, Setia City Mall )
57. Centro Mall, Klang ( Ground Floor )
58. Citta Mall ( Ground Floor, Opposite Meat Works )
59. Paradigm Mall ( Second Floor, Opposite Popular )
60. Suntech Penang ( 1-G-7, [email protected] )
61. Raja Uda, Penang ( Lorong Peras Jaya 2 )
62. Kajang ( Ground Floor, Jalan Tun Abdul Aziz )
63. Taman Mount Austin, Johor ( Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/9 )
64. First World Plaza, Genting Highland ( Level T2B )
65. K Gallery- Menjalara, Kepong ( Ground Floor )
66. Jalan Kuchai Lama ( Ground Floor, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park )
67. Sungai Petani, Kedah ( Jalan Lagenda, Lagenda Height 4 )


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Pearl Milk Tea to perfection!

I remember Chatime being a trend for Sunway students as my twitter was literally filled with hundreds of pictures of Chatime drinks. So me being curious, I decided to follow my classmate in to Chatime in Sunway Pyramid. For anyone who's been to a new restaurant or cafes, you would definitely be stuck in a situation where you have no idea what to order and that was my predicament.

Which is why I tagged along my classmate so I can ask for a recommendation. The drink she bought for me was Chatime's Pearl Milk Tea. I would describe the taste as a lighter, slightly creamier yet not too sweet version of the mamak's teh ais. It was a real good drink and the fact that their prices aren't as expensive as Starbucks is definitely a plus for me.

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Best Part:
Pearl Milk Tea
Branch Location:
Sunway Pyramid
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A mystery novelty

I have visited this outlet in Queensbay mall more than a few times and each time my reaction from the drink is the same. It's basically a 'meh' to me at best. The drinks are quite sweet and are much to my disliking even when I choose to have the lowest level of sugar content.

Service is nice and fast and the waiters are normally friendly enough to strike up a conversation or introduce me to new flavors All in all, I do not see the novelty of this franchise and pass it off as something I wouldn't be a permanent fan of.

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Roasted Milk Tea & Grape Tea

Both this teas are my favorite whenever I made purchase in the nearest Chatime outlet. The service is excellent because I can choose for my own sweetness, more/less ice to fit individual preferences. There are varieties of choices that I had yet to try all, but most of the time I still prefer to consume this 2 from the menu.

The only thing is: Too crowded and the waiting period sometimes is quite long. Hope that Chatime management will do some improvement in preparing the drinks for customer so that customer will not need to queue for so long.

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I still don't get it why everyone is making a fuss over Chatime. I used to frequent Chatime long before it has become a phenomenon. There's nothing special in their drinks actually, lately. With new outlets opening in almost every major malls in the Klang Valley, the quality of their drinks has been compromised. In fact, there are lots of chain outlets out there, making similar drinks to Chatime and they tasted good too. So there, you'll have better options.

By far, Chatime outlet in Subang Parade still serves the best drinks ever, with perfect balance of sweetness and tea, compared to other outlets I visited where the quality has been downgraded.

I personally think people wanted to be in the hype as well and that explains why Chatime had become so overrated now.

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Chatime used to be one of my list of places for desserts and drinks but that was years ago. Nowadays, there are too many new tea-shop chain outlets for Chatime to compete with. I was fond of "Strawberry Pudding Au-Lait" and it's only drink I'll drink if I ever go there. Partly because I am a bit allergic to caffeine so I can't drink too much tea or coffee. But now, I can hardly find an outlet that can make a decent "Strawberry Pudding Au-Lait".

In the recent years, Chatime has been expanding really fast that they have too many outlets and I think that affects their quality of drinks. Other drinks that I've tried tasted so artificial. For example, another drink, "Cocoa Banana Smoothie" (it was on the banana series) was horrible! In fact, all my friends did not dare to touch it after having a sip of it. The banana syrup that they used tasted very much like medicine. There are nicer tea-shop choices, so, I wouldn't recommend Chatime.

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(Updated: November 04, 2012)

I love Grass Jelly

I remember the first drink I ordered from Chatime was Brown Rice Green Milk Tea with Grass Jelly. I instantly fell in love with it after tasting it. It was quite long ago. Today, I will think twice before I order this drink again. The first time I drank was brown colour. After sometime, the colour gets lighter, and flavor was not as good as before. Now, it is white colour and the taste is similar to the normal milk tea. What happened to my 'love-at-first-sip' brown rice green milk tea???
However, I found some other drinks that I love and will always stick to them. They are Matcha Green Milk Tea with red bean and Passion Fruit Green Tea. These are my favorites. Whenever I want something filling, I will order matcha with red bean and grass jelly. If I feel like drinking something juicy, I will get Passion fruit.
Grass Jelly is always my one and only option for toppings.

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Grass Jelly
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One of the more popular ones in town

One of Chatime’s most popular drinks is their Roasted Milk Tea. Seeing that it is quite popular, for one time I tried their Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea as I like grass jelly. Maybe it is just not to my taste and to me it kind of tasted like “ teh tarik ".

Since then I have been sticking to their Hazelnut Chocolate Milk Tea + Coconut Jelly. Being health conscious, I usually have my drink with 30% sugar and ice only. To me the drink does not taste sweet with just 30% sugar as the chocolate might be a bit bitter and I think the coconut jelly is already sweet on its own therefore bringing the drink to a balanced sweetness when you chew the coconut jelly while drinking.

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Roasted milk tea is still unbeatable.

Until now, I still couldn’t find any bubble tea joint that brews better Roasted Milk Tea than Chatime.

Being a milk tea fanatic, I fell in love with their Roasted Milk Tea at the first sip. I was able to feel the strong tea aroma and taste the moment I drank it. The drink was very smooth, and I like the “roasted” smell very much. Also, their pearls were chewy enough. But I’d prefer grass jelly more as toppings for my milk tea. A great combination I can say.

Chatime released their membership card known as Thirstea card few months ago. It allows members to collect points and exchange for free drinks. Good offer but I think this marketing strategy of theirs also aims to encourage us to drink their tea more often at the same time.

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Best Part:
Roasted Milk Tea
Branch Location:
Sunway Pyramid
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Best roasted milk tea

Chatime is hot recently and it opens lots of branch throughout Malaysia. I just love it's signature drinks - Roasted milk tea! You can smell a little fragrance of burnt milk and with smooth grass jelly inside! And it's really suitable for friends hangout or you can simply bring your laptop and surf net in Chatime all day long! You can also choose for the sweetness and ice level for your drinks. It's really great for those who love to have healthy lifestyle! Besides that, it provide lots of flavour of beverages. I think you will found one u like there!

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Hot in town

Started to patron Chatime after my boss introduce me their famous roasted milk tea. However, I end up having milk tea with grass jelly as I need something to bite while having my milk tea. Normally you can see people queue up patiently just to buy a cup of milk tea. Try to avoid those peak hour if you do not like to queue. Some of the outlets have place for you to chill out with your friend while taking a sip of your drink. I never try other favors which look tempting to me, perhaps my next Chatime would be Banana blend.

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