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Listing created by PolarBear on September 05, 2013    

SHINS is Malaysia’s leading and largest beauty retail chain that was established in 1999. The range of products include haircare, skincare, cosmetics, perfume, body & slimming care, nailcare, beauty tools and beauty accessories.


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Leave me alone!

The store looks attractive because of the range of products that it offers. I am especially attracted to the perfumes on the shelves. Despite this, I hardly ever enter into SHINS. Why, you ask? This is because I dislike being followed around in this already cramped store. I don't know why the shop assistants are SO ANAL about following me everywhere when the store is already so small.

They also don't like me to test the perfumes by myself. The salesgirl would quickly grab the perfume away from me and spritz it on the test paper. Since perfume scents may change when sprayed on individuals, I want to try it on my wrist but the salesgirl never let me to do so.

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