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F-029C First Floor Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Listing created by astronumb on February 13, 2013    
A leading local pharmacy, Guardian is a modern store where you can find a vast selection of brands and good value all under one roof.

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(Updated: July 14, 2013)

Better than Watsons

I like Guardian more than Watsons but the mall I often go to has Watsons only so I rarely frequent Guardian anymore.

Guardian has a wide array of products and is bigger than Watsons. The prices are slightly lower than Watsons too.

I like that there are a variety of lotions here. At the Watsons store I always go to, there are only a few brands of lotions such as Nivea, Vaseline, St. Ives and Johnson's, which I have tried nearly all of them.

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Pharmacy? More like a convenient store!

I used to have a skin problem when I was younger. It was quite a problematic time for me and I would need to apply lotion to my skins on a daily basis. I got my Nivea lotion from Guardian and I had to say, the price was cheaper compared to the supermarkets in my town and the lotions was always readily available.

Guardian also boast a very wide array of health care products and toiletries. Things ranging from soaps, to shampoos to umbrellas are for sale and the staffs do greet you upon entry. With a simple welcome. It shows that they have courtesy towards the customers. However, there are something annoying about the staffs. Sometimes, hey like to follow you around when you browse. I guess this is to prevent thefts. This makes me feel annoyed at times where I would like to browse in peace.

Like all major outlets, shopping baskets are also available so you don't have to carry your things by hand.

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Bought Hair Dye here

Guardian Pharmacy is the place I visit to obtain a few items such as deodorants, pimple cream and hair dye. Yes, you heard me, hair dye. I could've just bought hair dye at Giant supermarket or something but I noticed the hair dye, Revlon Coloursilk, is cheaper here than in Giant.

I also stopped by here while I was working to obtain some flu medicine. The pharmacist is really friendly and helpful. She gave me plenty of options to choose from. Not only their pharmacist, even the workers are helpful. The moment I step into the place, they're already asking what I was looking for. Great place.

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My favorite store

Guardian has always been my favorite like forever. From the early days where my mom bought all her daily beauty items until now where I continued the ritual. I always stock up my toiletries and beauty needs from Guardian where prices are very competitive and choices are great.

The customer service are great. I absolutely love their pharmacy section where you can ask for almost any supplement and medicine that you require and the the pharmacist is willing to help you. The range of vitamins are a lot and they carry those established brand names to their display.

As usual, I always buy in bulk whenever they are on sale. The price can be quite cheap where discounts are usually between 30% off, more or less. The items are usually well stocked up so I find it easy to shop here where everything is a breeze.

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