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The Body Shop believes there is only one way to beautiful – Nature’s way. That’s why they pack their beauty and cosmetics products with wonderful natural ingredients bursting with nutrients that can’t wait to jump on your skin and make you look even more radiant.

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(Updated: July 19, 2013)

The smell gives me a headache

I do not like any of TBS perfumes. Once, my friend and I tried on all the perfumes and they all stink. The products have that fake fragrance or high alcohol content smell which gave us headaches.

I have the peach body lotion given by a friend and it has that fake, alcoholic smell too so I use it in minute amounts.

I think their skincare products are ok though. I bought the vitamin c booster, seaweed cleanser and seaweed moisturizer. The seaweed moisturizer does control oil well without drying up the skin.

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(Updated: March 16, 2013)

A good source for skin care products

Sometimes, as a son, one of my duties is to accompany my mum out shopping. It's something that I do a few times a month and most of those times, my mum would go visit Body Shop to stock up on some skin care products that they sell.

I have to say, the skin care products are working wonders and my mom has smooth and radiant skin despite of her old age. The best part is, they have stuffs for guys too if anyone is interested in taking care of their skin.

The staffs here were also friendly and they provided some guidelines for me on where to get started just in case if I feel interested. They knew the products like the back of their head and most of them are prove that the products work as most of them look very confident and taken care of. Well, either that or Body Shop only hire people with smooth and radiant skin.

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Financial Park, Labuan
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The Smell From The Shop Makes Me Dizzy

I've always had nightmares about going into The Body Shop. Well, not literally but I just don't like standing inside there for too long. Why? Because the smell makes me dizzy. I don't mind the flowery scent but I'm guessing it's because there are too many different scents released into the air that makes me dizzy.

I remember my mother buying me a bottle of perfume here, it was called Arber or Arbar, can't remember the exact name. It smells a little weird at first but eventually, it kinda grew on me. It smells sweet rather than manly...which made me question whether it was for men or women. I didn't dare to ask my mother as I was afraid of sounding like an unappreciative child. Either way, it's a pretty good perfume.

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Sweet smell of everything

I never left empty handed each time I passed by this store. Their small shop is perfect to store all the beauty must haves and the best part is, they all smell very sweet and nice.

I personally love their soap, all resembles the smell of fruits which left you feeling all fresh after a bath. The soaps are cheap and I love how each soap comes in vibrant colors. I had fun choosing the soap and put it into my shopping basket.

Apart from beauty products, I also love their make-up range. Comes in mostly earthy colors, their make-up tones suit me well who doesn't like to go all out putting colors on my face.

Their make-up assistants are a great help. They are willing to go all out giving you advice on beauty products and help you choose the perfect tones for your skin. Definitely a great customer service.

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