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Level 6, Menara Maxis Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50088
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 01, 2012    

TGV is deemed to be the biggest competitor to GSC Cinemas in Malaysia. It is currently the country's number 2 biggest cinema company. The biggest outlet is located in Suria KLCC. 

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(Updated: August 01, 2013)

GSC is better

GSC is better but I can't complain much as I am still satisfied with TGV unless I have to sit in the front seats when there are too many people. The thing with TGV is that when you are seated in front, you have to strain your neck which is really uncomfortable.

A few times when I was seated on the side, I had really uncomfortable experiences. Maybe it's because I'm short, but I had a really hard time watching the movie because everyone's heads are blocking the screen. I had to put out my head quite a bit, much to the dismay of my partner who was seating beside me on the couple seat.

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Decent Movie Experience.

TGV Cinemas, the cinema that is in direct competition with GSC in 1 Utama. I've been here a few times but only because I have no other choice. What I mean is that either the place only has TGV Cinemas or the tickets in GSC for a particular movie is sold out. Not that it's a bad place but its normal to go elsewhere if you have a better option.

The popcorn here is pretty decent and not too sweet but the soft drink tastes...weird. To be exact, its kind of obvious that it's been watered down. The seats in the movie are a bit cramped for me. I am a tall guy so others might not face the same issue as I do. Overall, it's still an enjoyable movie experience but I have to label it as decent.

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Love the revamped look

I always frequent the TGV outlet in 1 Utama as it's closer to home and less crowded. Compared to its rival, I love catching up on new movies here because the hall is spacious and the whole outlook of the cinema is great.

They currently doing a major reconstruction on almost all their cinemas and when it's all over and done, I was so delighted to learn they have enhanced a few thing here and there. The hall is the best ever, with new floor covering and of course, new comfortable seats with extra leg room.

Plus, a newly installed IMAX theater is a great addition to this already incredible cinema. More reasons for me to come here and watch some good movies.

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A not so competitive experience

I have only been to TGV cinemas in Seberang Prai once and I regret that decision till today. It was at one of their smaller outlets. As I entered the cinema I was greeted with the smell of stale butter and popcorn in their air. It immediately gave me a gag reflex but I pursued on to the ticket counter and bought tickets to my movie. I opted out of buying any pop corn of course.

The seats in the screening room was not any better however. As I sat down, the cushion stunk of body odor and what resembles a rotten fish smell from the carpet. I guess someone must have vomited in my seat right before I sat on it. Needless to say, I couldn't stay for the show and left the place. Perhaps what happened to me was a chance accident but I think there should be no excuse for them to not use stale butter. Perhaps they could also invest in a few air fresheners as well to spray into the screening room before every new screening.

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Smell of fish on dry land
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Seberang Prai
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