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Wan Li Restaurant

Wan Li Restaurant

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05-8086092   806   2   0
No. 48, Jalan Kota, Taiping
Perak, Malaysia 34000
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Listing created by PolarBear on August 21, 2013    

Its specialty is Hainanese Chicken Chop.

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(Updated: August 21, 2013)

Might like it if I try it again

If I remember correctly, I only had the chicken chop once. I didn't know it was popular back then. As a kid, I didn't like it, mainly because it had many onions, beans and carrots on it which I didn't like (but I do like onions now). Thus, I removed all those stuff and only ate the chicken.

I thought that the chicken chop was gross since it was wet and soggy. I also did not like the flour coating. However, my taste now is significantly different from when I was a kid so I might like this if I were to try it again.

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