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Chilli Rush

Chilli Rush Hot

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+6 03 7960 7368   Email   Website   1748   2   0
J-31-G, Jaya One, No.72A jalan Universiti
Selangor, Malaysia 46200
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Listing created by Purpleee on December 30, 2012    

Chilli Rush specializes in everything Chilli. A place for spicy food lovers, their menu comes with 10  different spice levels to choose from and the 10th being almost non-human.

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Chilli heaven

Stressed up due to work? Wants a relief of stress with some spicy food rated by level of spiciness to challenge yourself? Chilli Rush is the right place to go, they serve many different type of food in the restaurant where the spiciness are rated in level from 0 to 10.
The restaurant is decorated with lots of spices on the racks and some quotes about chillies which cheer me up reading them while i am waiting for the food to be served. I tried their level 5 spiciness food which leaves me unable to finish.
We have fun challenging each other in the spiciness of the food and definitely is a stress relieving place for chilli lovers

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Rush of spice

Chilli Rush is a very interesting restaurant to me. I really like the fact that they only specialize in one thing. Spice. The decorations of the restaurants are really unique too! They display chilli fun facts around the restaurant which says things like 'Chilli encourages weightloss!' or even quotes in the toilet where it says 'Remember, way too much Chilli makes your tummy funny!'.

We were seated pretty quick and our orders were taken. We ordered 3 portions of level7 chicken wings (their signature dish) and also 2 pizzas. We waited for about 20 mins and the dishes came but they forgot 1 pizza. They were very sincere when it came to apologizing about the miscommunication of the orders and I really liked that.

In terms of food wise, it's not something I would have everyday, because it really IS spicy! But it is definitely worthy of trying.

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