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Wellknown for its traditional Hainanese chicken rice recipe. It also serves steamed, roasted,honey barbecued or braised chicken as its signature products.




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Cute jingle along with average tasting food

Everyone would know the famous jingle by this franchise that can be heard on the radio. You can find many different stalls and outlets scattered across the country and most of them are located inside major shopping malls. I like the fact that the store itself is permeating with the smell of freshly cooked chicken and you can have your choice of either white chicken, or roasted chicken. Unfortunately, out of so many times that I have eaten there, the chicken meat almost always end up tasting very dry from having been hung and exposed to the air conditioning all day. I normally avoid eating here if its possible.

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(Updated: July 19, 2013)

Expensive for a plate of chicken rice

The food here is not bad actually; I would say that it is better than the average café. What irks me is that the food is sometimes served cold, even the special rendang chicken during Ramadan. I don’t know about you but to me, cold oily food is gross. Oily food must always be served piping hot.

The chicken rice tastes good but it is very expensive for a plate of chicken rice. You can get similar or better chicken rice at the hawker centres. If I recall correctly, there’s a very good chicken rice shop at SS14.

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Best place to get a decent plate of chicken rice

If you're looking for the best plate of chicken rice ever created by mankind and end up in this restaurant then you are probably...a victim of false advertising. If anything, this place serves decent chicken rice that won't make you feel disappointed...if you have the right mindset.

The rice itself is not dry and tasteless as it is probably cooked together with a mixture of oils and onions among other ingredients. However, the amount of rice given is as if the chef is trying to serve people who are on diet but with extra cash in hand. Why extra cash? Well, that's because the price is like buying a set meal at a fast food restaurant like McDonalds.

The chicken is a bit dry which I suspect the reason to be that it is reheated chicken. The portion of chicken is about the same as any other kopitiam selling chicken rice. There are tons of places that are better but eating chicken rice here isn't exactly a bad option either.

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Decent meal

I can't help but noticed that this restaurants is always buzzing and full with customers. So I decided to have a meal here after seeing the always full house eatery.

They offer a wide variety of choice on food and price is very affordable. The patrons are mostly families. I guess, this place and its food is filling enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Taste-wise, the food aren't that bad. They're quite nice but overall, just okay. Very decent, I must say. With side dishes, they complete the whole meal. I was a happy customer coming out from the restaurant but this place is not going to be on my list.

The whole environment of this place is very basic, laidback and bright. Food are served quick and warm. I can't fault this restaurant much but it's just not my thing.

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(Updated: January 01, 2013)

Ordinary Chicken

Chicken rice is a quite famous dish here in Malaysia but The Chicken Rice Shop is a little overrated. The interior décor concentrates on simplicity and arrangement of tables that targets large families. The food does not do justice of re-branding the Chicken Rice and turning it commercial.

The taste of the chicken rice to me is practically normal. Maybe because I have tasted too much from the nearby hawker stall, but I don’t find anything special in The Chicken Rice Shop. Even hawker stalls serve yellow steamed rice instead of plain rice.

To be fair, the restaurant aims for customers who enjoys their favorite dish and wish to share it with the family and have a nice and friendly environment.

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Midvalley Megamall
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Not bad

I would say that the chicken rice served here is different from those sold in hawker centres at my place. The rice here is cooked with chicken stock so it's already fragrant on its own. However the rice served at my place is just plain rice; it's the sauce and gravy added to the rice that makes the difference.

So I feel that although the price may be much higher to have chicken rice here, since the taste is different, it's okay to spend a little more once in a while. It's not of superior quality but it's okay tasting and certainly suits the palate of Malaysians, being halal as well. Decor is just plain and simple, but better than at coffee shops.

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