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#Lot K1.18.03, Food Republic, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, No. 168, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
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I Love Yoo! established its flagship outlet in Pavilion in year 2007, and aims to bring scrumptious traditional Chinese favorites including 'You Tiao' and 'Tau Foo Fah' in a modern setting to the masses.

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10am - 10pm
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< $10
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Good but not Great

I Love Yoo! is an established chain go-to snack shop here in KL. It serves up Chinese doughnuts (You Tiao), other fried treats like my personal favorite, butterfly bun, traditional chinese sweet treats like tau foo fa, porridge and soya bean. I've been to I Love Yoo! countless times over the years and although the food is good, it's not great, and have perhaps even deteriorated in the last year - my latest trip to I Love Yoo! was met with a soggy you tiao that had been on display for far too long.

My initial trip to I Love Yoo! back in 2013 made me fall in love with its dry scallop porridge and time and time again I would have it for either dinner or lunch. It's basically my type of comfort food and reminds me of my grandmother's porridge whenever I'm back in Singapore. The scallops are fresh and it doesn't have that stench that oysters tend to have so it doesn't overpower the porridge grains itself. The porridge is well cooked, with no lumpy bits, and that makes me very happy!

For the fried treats, as I have previously mentioned, I like to eat the butterfly bun, not the actual you tiao. The you tiao was indeed the main attraction when it first opened, and I enjoyed them at first but after a while they've become a bit complacent with keeping them fresh and hot so I only order them when they've freshly fried. The butterfly bun, on the other hand, has the upper hand because of its sesame seed sweetness so even if it's soggy, there's something to compensate for it, especially if you have a secret obsession with sesame seeds. The fried bun is also something to look forward too and is a similar story to that of the butterfly bun.

As for the sweet treats, they have fantastic fried buns that resemble that of Cinnabon. This Chinese version simply have red bean swirls instead and the red bean, I must say, is phenomenal particularly when it's just fresh out of the fryer. The red bean is not saccharinely sweet but sweet enough to satisfy your taste buds and is accompanied by equally crisp bread. My dad's favorites are the sesame balls and in I Love Yoo!, you can choose to have either peanut, red bean or lotus. I don't quite fancy any though but this is because of personal preference because I don't like a whole ball of lotus inside my sesame ball when it's already covered in sesame - it's too sweet now.

And last but not least, the tau foo fa and the soya bean. The soya bean is nice, and I prefer mine without sugar so that I can actually taste the milk by itself, that's when you know whether the soya bean is good or just sprinkled with sugar to give it flavor. At I Love Yoo! the soya never fails to be fresh and tastes so wholesome that it makes the rest of your fried treats not sinful anymore. The soya bean is quite filling though, especially with the portion it's served as. The tau foo fa is along the same lines - made fresh everyday, it's soft, smooth and silky, it tastes like tofu heaven.

Everything is self-service here but the staff is pretty efficient in serving up your orders so I'd give two thumbs up for that, especially on days when I'm hungry. Additionally, it's all quite affordable with lunch and dinner sets available but the quality of the food, depending on your taste, will not taste as good as you average roadside hawker in the pasar malams (sinful but it makes me happy) but it's definitely value for money, the price that it's asking definitely reflects its standards. I'd definitely still drop by to buy a snack I can munch on when I go shopping and let's leave it at that.

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Dry Scallop Porridge
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Mid Valley
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Great snack for the afternoon

I always admire establishments that try to reinvent the food we all learn to like and love. This place is no different with their multiple choice of food and of course, their famous Tau Foo Far. I chanced upon this place one day as I was looking for a nice place to have a snack. My friends pulled me in to this place and I immediately got hooked on the deliciousness of the Tau Foo Far. Definitely a place i recommend.

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Tau Foo Far
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Great quick snack

I love the funky name of this outlet. It's funny and catchy at the same time.

I always drop by this outlet whenever I saw one in a mall. My staple order is their you tiao and fried buns. They're always mouthwatering and despite being deep fried, I always enjoy this snacks on the go without guilty.

Their porridge is nice too and it's better to buy in set as they're much cheaper.

The environment of this outlet is very laidback, with fast service to avoid long queues. This is a great place to grab a quick light meal with a nice looking place.

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Remind me on my childhood

Give a try on their scallop porridge, it recalls my childhood memory where my grandmother cook me great porridge. The porridge is thick, garnished with scallop strand, onions and sesame oil. Usually I will take the set where I get a bowl of porridge with “You Tiao” and a glass full of soy milk. If you need more, add on with some butterfly bun or sweet potato balls. You will find yourself stuffed full before you can finish everything. Once a while, I will get “Tou Fu Far” set meal when I do not feel like eating. The only downside is I usually get mild headache after meal, not sure I was too full or the “Tou Fu Far” is too sweet.

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Not worth it

A set of porridge that consists of a bowl of porridge, a bowl of 'you tiao' and a glass of soy milk for RM 6.90, seriously? I doubt the original cost of the porridge can be more than RM 2. I saw a sticker on the porridge pot that writes 'non-vegetarian'. Indeed, the porridge contains very little strands of scallops, presumably. Next on, a glass of soy milk is RM 3 on the menu list. It tasted not much different from those soy milk in hawker stalls, where you can get them for RM 1.50, at most. To round things up, everything is just too overpriced!

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Something cheap and filling.

I Love Yoo! is my favorite place for budget-friendly meals especially at the end of the month when not much extra money is left.

This place offers set meals for only RM4, and RM6.60 with drinks. It comes with a bowl of porridge and snacks of your choice. There are two options for porridge – peanut oyster or scallop, and a wide variety of familiar local Chinese snacks include ‘You Tiao’, Butterfly Bun, Sweet Potato Ball and many more.

There is hardly any other restaurant that serves these truly traditional snacks nowadays. Both their porridge taste good, and so do their snacks. Kind of a simple and quick meal.

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Empire Shopping Gallery
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