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No 5&6, 1st Floor Jalan Metro Wangsa Section 2, Wangsa Maju
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 53300
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Listing created by May on October 02, 2012    

Feeling Cafe is a popular place among youngsters in Wangsa Maju.

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Just another gathering cum social area

I won't try to play a pun with the name of this cafe but instead I will stick to the essence of this place that is a favorite among many college and university students as well as socializing adults alike. The one thing you will have to expect from these places is that there is always going to be smoke from cigarettes and finding a place to keep away from that can be daunting at times especially if you hate the smell like me. Food wise, there are a great variety of cafe style food that you can get almost anywhere else which doesn't really warrant eating here if you have a choice.

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Smoking isnt good
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(Updated: February 13, 2013)

I don't really feel this cafe.

Indeed, Feeling Cafe is a place where a lot of students will go for a hangout. But, for me, I would only go if i ever walk pass it or if there's any promotions. The food portion is very small and one plate isn't enough for me. The light in Feeling Cafe is quite dim to create the environment.

I like the idea that they have a parting for smokers and non-smokers. I really don't like my lungs to be filled with toxic air. Also, I think that the place would have more feeling if the singers could actually sing more jazz songs rather than pop songs.

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(Updated: February 13, 2013)

Feeling feeling~

Went Feeling Cafe this afternoon with my husband after done our registration. The atmosphere of the cafe is nice. The cafe has 2 different parts: smoking and non-smoking area.

At that time, there are about 15 students from Tarc to celebrate birthday, as my friend said, lots of tarcians like to have birthday celebration here. I think partly is because of the environment. Quite a good cafe for gathering and for couples.

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