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LG-058 Lower Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59100
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MPH is among the largest bookstore in Malaysia. It currently has 28 outlets in Malaysia and four in Singapore. MPH has a heavy presence in the Klang Valley, mostly operating in major and prominent shopping outlets.

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(Updated: March 16, 2013)

Read while browsing

Perhaps, one of the best things about MPH bookstores is that they provide seats for us to read while we browse through the hundreds of books in their store.

Browsing through the books in MPH is really a delightful experience. The choices are really endless and the staffs are kind enough to leave you alone while you browse. Like most bookstore, they also categorize their books correctly for the different group of readers.

It's also a good place to spend your time while waiting for a family member. I also think that this place has a homely ambient to it, like being in your own study at home. It's just that cozy.

However, don't spend too much time in here to finish a whole novel. If you like it, buy it and support the author! The books aren't that expensive and they do provide you with a great entertainment that will definitely last quite a while.

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A Wide Variety of Books

I am not a big fan of books but I still do visit MPH every now and then. Normally because of my studies but also because I needed to look for a place to spend my book vouchers given by the government. The branch I always go to is the one in 1 Utama. The top floor is a bit dull but I like the section on the bottom level.

Why? Well, the novels are at the lower level. You can find your fairytale books or best-sellers like Harry Potter, Eragon and much more here. I steal a read every now and then if I have nothing better to do. Yes, I am a cheapskate but trust me when I say that there are tons of others who do the same thing.

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Great place for your book purchase

MPH has become my staple place whenever I'm buying books. They always stocked up their items and I love how they always have a great selection of the latest novels and books.

This is a great place for you to take your own sweet time and browse at the aisles looking for your readings. I like how they offer you free reading where customers can have fun share their pickings with friends and family.

But I was saddened looking at the attitude of Malaysians where they don't really appreciate free reading luxury. Some of the opened books are torn and worn out, and much to my dismay, some pages are even missing. This happened very much especially to cookbooks where people were just plain ignorant and selfish.

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