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Listing created by PolarBear on August 22, 2013    

Kenny Sia started his blog in 2005. He has won several awards including Project Petaling Street's Blog of the Year in 2005, Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Best Entertainment Blog in 2009 and Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Best Micro-Blog in 2011.


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Used to be good

He used to be really popular and I used to read his blog on a regular basis. I’m pretty convinced that he’s the one who sparked the blogging craze in Malaysia. Suddenly, everyone wanted to have a blog. After some time though, his blog became more and more boring with too many advertorials so I stopped reading it.

I could not remember if I knew about Xiaxue’s blog because of him or the other way round. While Xiaxue continues to maintain a strong following, Kenny Sia is quite unheard of these days.

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