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Black Sand Beach

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Black Sand Beach Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia 07000
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 18, 2012    

This beach is known for its name, black sand. The waters are still crystal clear and not black, thankfully.

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Mysterious? Just dirty.

One of my pit stop during my day trip to Langkawi was Pantai Pancur Hitam and I have to say, I was totally disappointed. Why?

First, I think the beach had nothing else to offer except the black sands. And even that was totally disappointing! I think it was more worth it to stay home instead of visiting this beach. Not to hate on it or anything, but the sands doesn't even look black from a fire and instead, it just looks genuinely dirty.

Next, there were too much thrash on the beach. I found a lot of empty plastic bottles, cans, some chip wrapper and even a condom on the beach. Man, what a way to ruin a scenery. Keep it up people!

Sarcasm aside, I don't think a visit to this beach would be worth your time. If I were you, I would rather spend my time on Langkawi to shop for some chocolates or alcohols since it is a duty free island.

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Not sure if party every night or just dirty

The Black Sand Beach was one of those random stops my friends and I had over at Langkawi a.k.a. the jewel of Kedah. Though there isn't exactly anything sparkling about this particular jewel. I got curious as to the name Black Sand Beach. Was it really black sand? Well, no. It seems like any other normal beach.

This place is pretty dirty with a lot of trash here and there.Isn't there anyone taking care of this place or is there a party going on every night here? Well, since the beach was pretty dirty, we didn't bother going. We just took some pictures of the places and left.

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