Lake of the Pregnant Maiden

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Lake of the Pregnant Maiden Langkawi
Kedah, Malaysia 07000
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 17, 2012    

The lake is situated between multiple high class hotels. It is great for a stroll or a picnic. Visitors can also learn the origin of the name behind the lake.

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Outline of the pregnant maiden
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Such a great place

This lake is a great place to visit for the first half of your day. I have two suggestions : . One is to pack lightly and limit carrying bags of food or sunglasses or hats as you have to walk through a trail in the forest which is inhabited by the local monkeys of the area. They can be aggressive when they want to steal from you you belongings and please do not feed them.

Secondly, it is best to go as early as possible because then the sun wouldn't have made the place so hot yet and you get to enjoy the experience better. Visitors should immediately head to the Geopark and rent some of their solar powered boats there for a nice stroll in the lake itself. I took it with my then girlfriend (who is my wife now) and we had such a nice time paddling around in the water.

There are several kiosks nearby that sell food and drink so you're never required to bring your own food materials.

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Beautiful place with many things to do
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(Updated: December 26, 2012)

Spectacular experience in the GeoPark....

This beautiful lake is part of the Langkawi GeoPark activities and accessed via ferry shuttle from the town jetty. A short hike through the park trail brings you to this spectacular "mythical" lake.

Before you actually reach the lake, you would have been accosted by the hordes of resident monkeys on the island. Please do not feed the monkeys as they may turn aggressive. Some of them even eye the bags you are carrying and attempt to snatch it from you. Such is the dire situation of many tourists who felt feeding the monkeys is a natural "duty" through the years.

The lake has solar powered 2-seaters rental boats for a leisurely cruise around the lake. There is a souvenir kiosk that sells drinks and other items. Do take note the lake is deep and cold and not advisable for non-weak swimmers. I actually witnessed a near-drowning of a visitor (who was playfully pushed into the lake by his group of friends) and rescued by the staff manning the leisure boats kiosk. Take note that this lake is fresh water and not salt water, where we tend to be more buoyant.

Have a great day the GeoPark.... it's really nice.

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The cool lake
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Boating at the Lake...
Outline of the pregnant maiden
Transport to the GeoPark...
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