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81600 Pengerang, Johor Malaysia
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Listing created by Iswariya on October 05, 2012    

Desaru is located on the eastern tip of the Malay Peninsula. With clean, sandy white beaches and it's popularity among tourists as well as locals, the 25 km stretch of unspoiled beach is framed by the South China Sea on one side and lush tropical forests on the other. Desaru is home to many welcoming resorts for both the tourist and the thrill-seeker. 

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(Updated: August 01, 2013)

Milo water?

Erm......... the water is quite murky, I suppose it is to be expected for a beach that is easily accessible in Malaysia. Not "clean" or "crystal clear" at all, but it can be "mesmerising" especially at night when it's dark.

I enjoy taking a stroll here because it is so windy it makes me feel more at peace. Being a hygiene freak AKA diva, I only dare to dip my feet into the sea, but then I got splashed by the huge waves.

It is still a relatively nice place to go. Johorians like to come here for BBQ and beers. If you want to go to a clean beach, go to Pulau Sibu or elsewhere where you have to pay.

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(Updated: March 02, 2013)

Good getaway

With the new bridge, driving to Desaru from Singapore is faster and more convenient. This must be my favourite getaway for the weekend. The beach was nice and it was mesmerising just to sit on the sandy beach and look at the sea and listen to the waves.

When I was there, I always stayed at Desaru Lotus, this resort had its own stretch of beach and provided rental of sea sports equipment. I had only watched other people enjoyed the sea, I felt that the waves were too strong for my young children to be playing in it. The resort had its own water theme park so we could also get wet in the relative safety of the park. There were also life guards on duty in the park. I had not noticed any on the beach.

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A gem of a beach

This is one of the nicest beaches I have ever visited in my life. It has crystal clear waters along clean sands that is just a perfect spot for a stroll or photo taking. The beach has plenty of small holes dug by tiny crabs which shows that this place is a healthy place for animals to live on. Plenty of food and no garbage to destroy the environment.

One one side you'd have the ocean and on the other you'd see the resorts and the gold course. It is a rather surreal experience I had whilst I was there as staring out into the sea made me feel how isolated I was but looking back at the golf resort proved otherwise. A nice beach all in all.

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Chill at this beach...

The attractive 25 km stretch of beaches is very attractive for frazzled city slickers like me to come and just chill out there. With the clean seawater on one side, and golf courses and resorts on the other, I can never get enough of Desaru.

In many ways, Desaru is perfect for a short one-day getaway. With water-sports activities like jet-ski riding and windsurfing, it's convenient to get a adrenaline rush while slacking on the sandy beaches.

I love lying in a hammock under the leaning casuarina trees and reading a book. I'm definitely looking forward to going back there again sometime soon.

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