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Maybank was founded by Malaysian business tycoon Khoo Teck Puat and is the largest Malaysian bank. Maybank operates consumer banking, business and corporate banking as well as private banking services, through a network of 384 branch offices.


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For a few weeks I have been wanting to have a new saving account at Maybank as I am still currently using a saving account under my parent's name.

I went to the Maybank branch near my house a few times and the receptionist always tells me to come back the next week as the machine is spoiled at the moment so I could not register a new account at that time. The machine has been spoiled for weeks! What takes them so long to fix it???

I went to another branch and I was told that there were too many people at the moment so my registration could not be processed. How unlucky.

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(Updated: March 05, 2013)

A great bank

I started using Maybank services last year. I was working part time and it was required for me to have a Maybank account for the monthly salary.

Well, sufficient to say, the staffs provided a 5 star service. They worked fast. Considering that most of the counters are all clogged up. The information counter did it's job in providing a very detailed information and I never had to wait longer than 1 hour even on busy days.

They also provide a choice for online banking through the website Maybank2u. It's really convenient as you do not have to go all the way to a cash deposit machine to bank in to a third party account and the best part is, you can make purchases online. I do however suggest you to watch your spending. The first few weeks of having a Maybank2u account seems to have me going on a non-stop online spending spree. So, have some self control. All in all, great service!

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Don't have to worry about money disappearing.

In a family that mainly uses Maybank, you know you're going to have no choice but to settle for this bank rather than going for others. At least, that was the case for me. But it was still a good decision by my family. Why? Well for starters, I don't have annual charges just for using their services...except of course, unless I use their online banking scheme, Maybank2u, in which I don't.

Also, since I had a savings account as a child, the moment I reached 18, I had to apply for a debit card which was free of charge. I wasn't planning on using the debit card other than the purpose of withdrawing money from my account as my parents bank-in my allowance into my bank account instead of giving me a big sum of cash for safety purpose. Overall, I feel that Malayan Banking Berhad gives me an ease of mind with my money.

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Lazy customer service

I recently went to Maybank to settle my younger brother's bank account. I had to take a number and the customer service girl, was barely even looking at me. She was busy with her handphone and wasn't interested in doing her job, at all.

I took my number and asked her a few questions regarding the procedures. She slowly looked up at me and told me to just go take a seat and wait. As other customers came in, she did the same thing. Just sitting there, and looking annoyed! I had to wait for about 30mins before anyone came to even serve me. At the end, I had to just fill up some form and leave the place, just to wait for their call/reply. And even that, after 3 weeks, I had no response from them so I had to personally go back to Maybank and settle it.

That was my experience with only one branch but I'm not too sure about the rest because my parents are loyal customers of Maybank.

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Old Town, Petaling Jaya
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Banking with ease.

I have a secondary savings account with Maybank, and the fact that I've been having it for a few years already says a lot about my satisfaction with them, I guess.

The customer service at Maybank is superb, the staff are always eternally patient and willing to explain. I find that they actually know what they're talking about. What I find even more satisfying, though, is the ease of access that their online banking platform offers. Paying bills and transferring funds to other accounts are seriously hassle-free, and there are a host of other services available too.

I find that Maybank is an organization that Malaysia should be proud of, and I sure hope it stays around for long.

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Good customer service

I was totally satisfied with the VISA Debit Card. It made my online purchase easier. But I do think RM8 per year fee is ridiculous and expensive. The great thing about Maybank is you can find its ATM machine any place easily, making withdrawal easy and fast. Even in a single shopping mall, there are several ATM and sometimes also cash deposit machines placed. The online customer service is satisfying, and the response was quite fast although after regular working hours. The online banking service is user-friendly and I found making online transaction is very easy. Paying bills via Maybak2u is time saving and quite convenient too.

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