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Lot G(E)-011 & G-001, Ground Floor, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 59200
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Listing created by whitebread on December 23, 2012    

The homegrown cafe under the E&O Group has been widely patronised by Malaysians with its winning formula of chic elegant decor. Best known for its delicious cakes and desserts, this cafe serves hot items as well, including pasta, some western favourites, pies and quiches.

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MON-FRI: 8.00am - 11.00pm; SAT, SUN & PH: 8.00am - 11.00pm
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  • $10-$20
  • $20-30
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Bangasr Village II, Dua Residency, Setia City Mall, Sunway Pyramid, St Mary Place, Straits Quay, Scotts Square (Singapore)

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Not a place to dine

The overall look of this restaurant is very impressive. Big, lush lounge chairs, with lots of pillows in coordinated colors topped with dim lights, perfect for a relaxing ambiance. I was so in awe every time I come here because whenever you enter the restaurant, you'll feel a calm vibe washed onto you which is good.

The atmosphere is perfect but not so for the food. Honestly, they're just decent and okay, nothing that I can suggest nor shout about. Everything is just average, they fail to tickle my tastebud. I'm a sucker for anything sweet, and most of the time I just ordered their beautiful display of cakes to fulfill my taste. But they're just a disappointment.

The cakes look good, which I can't deny but they're a bit dry and tad too sweet, more or less. Some are nice but still not good to meet my par. I always think that people come here just for the pretty place and the atmosphere, not for the food.

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Even The Pasta Itself has Flavour!

I have only been to this place once which was on December 2012 right after my final exam. My classmates wanted to celebrate as some of us will be leaving Malaysia and back to their homes in their respective countries. Since most of us were big fans of pasta and already tried literally every restaurant at Sunway Pyramid that sells pasta, only Delicious was left untouched.

I really love the calm and relaxing atmosphere at the restaurant...though sometimes I do feel like it was encouraging me to sleep there. A couple of classmates and I ordered the spaghetti bolognese and the rest ordered the carbonara. The spaghetti bolognese was a bit dry and would've been able to outclass Italliannies's bolognese if they had given more sauce. The carbonara on the other hand was really cheesy but makes you feel a bit nauseous after a while.

Overall, it's a pricey but good place to have pasta.

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Sunway Pyramid
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Delicious? More like Scrumptious!

For my mom’s birthday, we treated my mom to dine in Delicious for dinner. The setting of the place was nice although at the time there were a lot of customers. Everybody ordered their own food while I ordered their Beef Lasagna with Green apple juice and Classic Chocolate Cake for desserts.

Their beef lasagna was deliciously scrumptious filled with cheese and contains so much beef. The layers were more than 4 and each layer was filled with ½ inch of beef and cheese. I immediately felt full afterwards. Next was dessert which was chocolate cake. It tasted heavenly, moist and chocolatey and paired with vanilla ice cream. The perfect match! Exactly what a chocolate cake would taste like.

The highlight of the night was my brother’s Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova which bursts flavors of sweetness and fruitiness from the strawberries and raspberries.

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My favourite cheesecake

My family went to the Straits Quay branch and had desserts there some time ago. The most memorable one was the strawberry cheesecake I ordered. The cheesecake was very rich yet not cloying and the berry coulis was really good. The lemon meringue on the other hand didn't taste so good. It was my sister's order and I personally don't like meringue, no matter how pretty they look. The taste of the lemon was very sour but was neutralised by the very sweet meringue. Too much extremes in one dessert, in my humble opinion.

We also had a banana and peach crumble, with the crumbly top tasting a bit like cereals. Not bad as well, but I still prefer my cheesecake. The cafe sure drew in lots of crowd on a weekend afternoon. We had to wait for a while to be seated. It's a good place to chat the afternoon away in a cozy and chic ambience.

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