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LG1.109, Lower Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid, 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway
Selangor, Malaysia 46150
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Payless ShoeSource, Inc. is the largest specialty family footwear retailer in the Western Hemisphere. The company was founded in 1956 in Topeka, Kan., on a revolutionary idea - selling shoes in a self-select environment. Payless ShoeSource stepped it's foot in Malaysia with the opening of it's very first store in Sunway Pyramid in July 29, 2011.

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Cheap and chic

When PayLess has sales, their shoes are really dirt cheap! In a good way. They have shoes up to 70% off at times, yet still in mint condition (not any of those old shoes you find in certain sales which have their soles flaking off.... you know what i mean). They have a really wide variety of shoes which are reallyyyyy pretty and chic and fashionable. You have to see if for yourself to believe it!

Their service is pretty good - the staff are patient and more than happy to help you with your requests like checking for new pairs of shoes. It is rather troublesome as compared to normal shoe stores because stocks are stored pretty high up meaning they have to take a ladder and climb up; yet, they still are pretty patient. Thumbs up!

Their prices are pretty uniform throughout - so you don't have to worry about differences in price for various outlets. Also, their shoes are arranged according to sizes, so that makes it pretty easy to shop for shoes - just shop in the section with your size, instead of eyeing a lovely pair only to be disappointed by the realisation that the shop does not have your size available. They have half sizes too!

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Good Shoes for Super Low Prices

When Payless first opened in Sunway Pyramid, I had two thoughts. The first was me wondering if I had read the name right. I read Payless as in payless and not pay less. I was actually thinking if the shoes were free. The other thought was the shoes. Were they for women only or was there a section for men. And whenever I was unsure, I always ask a female friend to accompany me to avoid any embarrassment.

So when I went in and saw a men's section at the back, I was happy. Finally, a shoe place that doesn't require me to rip open a hole in my wallet. The shoes mostly looked like something from Vans which is an attraction factor for me. When I tried it on, it felt so comfortable. My feet didn't have to feel any constraints. But what made me really happy was the fact that the shoes only costs RM47. Guys, do come here if you're looking for some shoes.

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Cheap and fancy shoes

I love the way they displayed their shoes nicely on each rack and labelled them with sizes for the ease of customers. Even though some of the designs are not suitable for our daily wear, but I just love looking at the endless choice of shoes. If you look further who knows you might find a gem in between.

I once bought a super nice wedges from Payless at RM70. They are cheap, fashionable and super comfy. It has been my favorite wedges of all time since.

The kids section are to die for. With uber cute designs and super cheap, I went nuts finding a perfect pair or two for my kid.

Besides shoes, they also have accessories and bags for sale. Not too bad and when they went on sale, the price can go super low so it's definitely a bargain.

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Cheap organized shoes

The first time I stepped into Payless, I straight away noticed one of the displayed wedges. I told myself, 'oh my! This is definitely going to cost me a bomb!' (considering how nice I thought it was). But when I flipped the shoe over, it was only RM79.90. I tried the display pair on but it was too small.

So I went deeper into the store and found out that they actually display their slippers/sandals/heels and shoes in shoe boxes! It was really organized and they even seperate each row into different sizes so it was really convenient. I went to the row of my size and I was able to see the other variations too.

I really like how the designs are pretty similar to other higher class wedges and heels like Charles and Keith but you really only have to Payless!

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Sunway Pyramid
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pay less in Payless!

I started paying attention to Payless when I saw photographs of it's shoes in magazine. Finally one day I get to go to their first outlet, Sunway Pyramid. I really like the shoes there and the price is around what I expected, affordable, since it's "payless".
I reckon the idea of arranging the shoes according to sizes is great. It's very convenient as every time I will just walk to the section of my shoe size. However, I think those that were displayed high up the rack should be taken out from the box as shortie like me would not be able to see what's inside.

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