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Lot F128 & F129, 1st Floor, Sungei Wang Plaza, Jalan Sultan Ismail
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50250
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Bata is a footwear manufacturer and marketer in Malaysia. It operates a retail chain of more than 270 stores. Bata showcase the latest collections for footwear of local and international brands.

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Very durable

People always joke that Bata actually stands for 'Buy And Throw Away' but i honestly see no truth in that. Their shoes are really very durable!

I have bought many pairs of shoes from them ranging from pumps/flats to school shoes and even their bags, and they have lasted me for a considerable number of years! My flats have all lasted me for 4-5 years and I wore them quite frequently. Considering that I purchased them for approximately Sing dollars 30 (Ringgit 90), I think they are really very very worth it.

Of course, anyone can see that they might not have the best or latest designs, but I think their designs are always very safe. By this I mean you can match the shoes with almost any other outfit and they will complement the outfit pretty well! Also, the designs are usually evergreen and will work well despite the constantly fluctuating fashion trends.

Their shoes are also ergonomically designed; very comfortable! Rubber soles and all, your feet will be happy in those Bata shoes. They also have the shoes specially designed for kids (glitter/flowery designs for girls) under the Bubblegum label. They are honestly very pretty and I would buy them without hesitation, if not for the fact that they are designed for kids….

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(Updated: July 16, 2013)

Ugly designs but comfortable

I had always thought that Bata was a Malaysian brand due to the ugly shoe designs. They have Marie Claire products such as the shoes and bags which look better but the shoes are not comfortable.

Despite the rather "auntie-ish" design, Bata is really comfortable and considered cheap compared to other comfortable brands like Hush Puppies and Scholl. At least I have seen some improvement in their designs nowadays, but there is still a lot of room for improvement.

I would definitely purchase a pair if they have decent designs.

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(Updated: March 05, 2013)

The go-to shoe place.

I had been with Bata my whole life. From flip flops, to sandals, to shoes. I think that a majority of the shoes you will find in my shoes cabinet are all from Bata. The shoes they sell are not really that expensive. I spent around RM28 for a pair of school shoes when I was in primary and secondary shoes. Personally for me, you get more than what you pay as long as you take care of it. The shoes do last quite a long time for me. A good 4 to 5 years and I wouldn't really had to change my shoes if it wasn't for my huge feet.

However, I wouldn't recommend you to buy the formal dress shoes from Bata. They are not made from leather and the materials are worn out after about a year. The worst part is, I only wore my formal dress shoes for around 3 weeks total in the 1 year that I had it. I guess the dusty environment do cause the material to deteriorate.

If you want a good pair of casual or school shoes or sandals that will last and does not cost a bomb, Bata would be the go-to choice for me personally.

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High-class Brand overseas, Cheap School Shoes Reputation Here

I've been to Bata as a kid when I was accompanying my mother around 1 Utama. As a kid, you'd probably know the reason why I visited that place. If you had guessed school shoes then you definitely know what Bata is like in Malaysia. My mother bought a pair of school shoes for me, the one with the velcro patch instead of the shoelaces as it was easier to wear.

It was hard to take in the fact that Bata is a high-class shoe outlet overseas. I am not sure in which country but that's what my friend who studied in Switzerland told me. The shoes apparently averaged around RM400 after currency conversion which was highly surprising. I've only bought a pair of school shoes, slippers and that whitening material for school shoes at most. Kind of a sad thought for Bata in Malaysia though.

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Old school brand

Bata is forever a memory for me because when I was a kid, my shoes are from Bata. Up until now, I always head down to Bata for a pair of comfortable slippers or sandals.

A well-known brand since ages ago, I can never fault this outlet. Even though their designs are not as edgy and stylish as other shoe brands, but they definitely have their own charms. From school shoes to kids shoes and working shoes, Bata has never failed me. Their basic designs are suitable enough for me to make it my staple office shoes until now.

What I love most is the price is always the same. They never went overboard with their pricelist. Everything is affordable and I always smile whenever I checked the price tag. Even if the price is cheap, the quality remains top notch. A plus point!

Bata is an affordable shoe store for everyone.

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Tied to school

My mind has registered Bata in connection with the beginning of every school term because that is when my mum would bring me to the store to buy new shoes. The store would be filled with like-minded parents with their kids and the store attendants would be busy running in and out of the store room grabbing new shoes to sell.

The one thing I remember the most is that the store would be filled with the smell of canvas and a smell which I later started calling "New Shoe " Smell.

Sentimental feelings aside, Bata has always been good for only one thing, that is to buy cheap footwear and thus I don't have a need to enter the store anymore as their range of shoe wear is too conservative to be a competition against more mainstream shoe outlets such as Nike or Adidas.

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New shoe smell
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Designs are getting better

I rarely enter this store because I've always had this view that Bata shoes have very conservative designs. However, I can see that over the years they have been trying to shed this image. The quality of the shoes itself is not bad. I remember I used to come here for my white school shoes. But I had to change the shoes at least once every year because they always get torn at the side.

Nevertheless, I still would not buy shoes for casual wear from there. If I'm really in need of court shoes and can't find it elsewhere then I would turn to Bata. It's probably just because I didn't like the image of the brand as being conservative and it stuck with me through the years. But you can give them a chance!

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