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Vincci was one of the first few Malaysian brands that push the boundaries in footwear by introducing hot off the runway styles at affordable prices.

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Uncomfortable shoes!

Their shoe designs may look decent and occasionally there are great looking shoes but the shoes are always uncomfortable! Either the heels are too high or too thin or way too flat. I really do not like the flat hard sandals which hurt my feet. Once, I bought a 1.5 inch shoes and it still hurts my feet so I only wear them a few times.

The shoes also don't last long. I bought a pair of gorgeous nude heels and the paint get scraped off easily (after only wearing it once!) and the colour underneath is dark brown so it looks so obvious and ugly.

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Vincci was once one of the personal choices when my mom, sister or friends would like to go shoe shopping. But I guess not all good things last forever.

Recently, I bought a pair of heels which was on sale for RM70 as a gift for a close friend. It looks nice an all, but I guess I received some complains about the comfort of these heels. I also noticed how fast the leather padding inside the shoe deteriorate.

Besides that, I think that some of the staffs are very unprofessional as I need to keep reminding them to bring me the shoe that I wanted from their storage. It took them 30 minutes just to deliver it to the shop and I guess the line at the counter didn't make my day any better either. It was very clogged up and I had to wait around 30 minute to make payment.
Perhaps I went there on the bad day.

Anyways, I think that the shoe are just OK in their own right. But if you're feeling like it, do look around. I bet you can find yourself a better pair in no time.

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Cousin's shoes didn't last long

I came to Vincci as I was accompanying my cousin for some shoe-shopping. She had to buy a pair of heels for an upcoming project so we went to Vincci. Now, from a guy's point of view, seeing a lot of shoes there with a lot of people would probably mean that it's a good place to go. Well, that wasn't quite the case for us at that particular time.

She bought a pair of red least I think its pumps but either way, she bought them for about RM80 after discounts. It was all good and perfect but apparently 2 weeks later, it broke and she sprained her ankle at the same time. Not sure if she was unlucky or the quality of the shoes there are weak though.

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They aren't nice anymore

When I was in my teen, the only fashionable and cheap shoe option would be Vincci. Over the past years, I have seen this store developed and now you can find Vincci available in almost every mall in Klang Valley.

The shoes collection in Vincci used to be nice and highly fashionable, not to mention of good quality. I can wear my first bought sandal for up to 4 years, on daily basis.See, how good and long lasting it was. But lately, I noticed their collection was plainly dull-looking and lacking quality. Maybe because of the mass production of the shoes, they have to compromise on their quality aspects.

Not to mention during the markdown sale period where pairs and pairs of shoes were bundled and stacked up in the sale bins for shopaholics to choose from. I can't help but noticed how cheap and of low quality the shoes really are.

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Lack of shoe choices

I am not a woman and I don't wear women's shoes but I do listen to my wife when she complains so I am writing this review on her behalf. She normally shops at the outlets in Gurney Plaza and Queensbay Mall in Penang. The main problem with it is that the store advertises very high discount rates of up to 0% sometimes but the shoes that fit under that category are normally out of style and lacking in many sizes. MY wife believes this shouldn't be called a discount sale, but more of a warehouse clearance.

I have personally had problems collecting points on my wife's behalf with their member card as the points expire within a certain time frame. This was not made clear to us on the first day of registration so you can imagine our frustration. Shoe choices are normally very small as they hardly take in the latest rends and style shoes. Perhaps the outlets at Kuala Lumpur can do better but as far as Penang goes, the outlets are failures.

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Used to be better

I used to frequent Vincci for their affordable and very nicely designed footwear. However, the designs now are not as good anymore. I find some of the designs similar to the ones at Nose. Nose however, offers better quality shoes and more stable heels.

It's also not as affordable anymore but that's probably because of inflation. Honestly I was quite surprised with the launch of Vincci+, which targets the higher end market. I'm waiting to see how long the new brand can last. Overall, quality and design has deteriorated but I hope they can go back to the old days with better designed shoes and bags.

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