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National Science Center Jalan Persiaran,Bukit Kiara
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50480
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 14, 2012    

This is a treasure trove of information and it is known for having very big artifacts inside. The building also lights up in pink at night and would make for a breath taking photo.

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Good learning experience for kids

I was a kid when I came here and I definitely enjoyed learning and playing around. Unfortunately, my dad hurried us to go back even though we had not tried every floor.

It was a fun learning experience for kids, I remembered the earthquake simulator which I loved but I don't think adults would enjoy that. I tried balancing despite the strong earthquake which I couldn't if I didn't hold on to the railings.

There were many other machines and I was not interested in those which didn't have more than basic physical mechanics and only showed a bunch of information in words. They were probably more suitable for adults or perhaps, young bookworms which I certainly wasn't.

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Learning Experience for the Kids

I always mistook this place for the planetarium. As a kid, this building has always looked like a giant golf ball stuck in a crater for me. Yes, I had quite a wild imagination as a kid. Thank video games and cartoons for that. If you're like me, the kind of person who actually needs the mood to learn about things, then only come here when you have the mood unless you're accompanying a child.

There are lot of artefacts here. The learning experience is pretty great. It's not too dull for the kids. Albeit, the place does need some maintenance but it's not too bad that it hinders learning so it's still pretty good.

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Great place for kids

The location of this place is a bit off from city center. For tourists, it might be a slight problem to come here unless you grab a cab. Entrance ticket is cheap and from a far, the building looks like a giant green cactus. Kids will be delighted upon seeing this.

The exhibits at this place is nice but to my dismay, some of them are old, not in working order and faulty. The displays are not properly maintained and as adult, I find it a waste as this place is a great educational center for kids.

However, the kids had so much fun engaging in the activity. They will be easily impressed and can learn a lot coming here. All in all, this is definitely a great place to educate young children and have some good time with family.

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Fun filled learning

I went with my wife for a visit one fine afternoon as we were in the area. From the outside the building was massive and it was very crowded since it was a weekday. As we entered the building, there were signs showing us where each different departments were.

All I could say is that we were very impressed at how massive the collection of objects and artifacts they had in the center. There were so many thigns to learn in the center for us and there were diagrams and programs on the television which explained things in detail. The center also caters for different language speaking people such as Malay or Indian and Chinese.

The center takes learning in a fun filled way so even children who visit the center had a lot of fun as they watched talking dinosaurs on TV talking about weather and the like. You can't get better free education than this. Recommended if you love science

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Talking dinosaurs
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