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National Planetarium 53 Jalan Perdana
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 50480
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The planetarium is an important organization which promotes everything about space to visitors. It is also a leading developer and pioneer in advancing Malaysia to the Space Age.

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Only worth the first visit

The national planetarium is really a unique place as I personally think there's none other like it in Malaysia. However, as far as things go, there's nothing much to see here.

There's a telescope which is accessible to the guest and visitors in the observatory. However, I don't recall gazing at any stars and it was a huge disappointment for me.

But, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining, I found something worth staying for in the space theater. If I remembered correctly, they had daily screening schedules and I attended a show about the solar system and how it revolves around the sun. As I was still a young kid at that time, colors were pretty much the whole point of a show and I have to say, I was totally amazed and awe-strucked by the whole thing. The colors just danced in front of me in unison. It was really a new an unique experience to me.

However, things will get dull and boring on your second visit. Trust me, it will not be worth the time, cost and effort.

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Space Theater
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Needs maintenance, badly.

Unlike the Golf ball building a.k.a. the National Science Center, this place badly needs maintenance. What could've been a great learning experience could turn into a waste of money. The place is a bit dirty which needs some cleaning. Some of the equipments aren't working.

It is pretty interactive for the kids and it's not a dull learning experience like the science center. But if they're really looking to inspire the younger generations, they really need some maintenance done. It is a shame really.

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In need of improvement

This is a place for great educational opportunity on everything science and space. We were so excited coming here and was hoping for so much to learn.

Ticket is relatively cheap. The place is nice but the compound are not well kept and had poor maintenance.

Went inside, the place is very engaging and kids have so much fun watching movies, looking at the displays and trying out some gadgets. But personally, I think the displays are a bit dated. Some equipment are not working properly and everything just spoiled the mood. This place could be among the best learning experience for kids if not for the dire state of exhibits and show.

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Wasted opportunity

The planetarium has a lot to teach to us regarding the past and future development in the space age. The building itself was beautifully decorated with posters and tv screens. We could have had a fun time learning and walked away with new information regarding the space age tech that is being developed by Malaysian scientists. We could have had all that.

Instead, we were met with old information which should have always been updated. Many of the displays and exhibits were out of order and parts of exhibitions were not completed. We could have learned a lot but due to maintenance , we were left disappointed.

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