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Istana Negara Jalan Istana,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 55100
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 13, 2012    

The residence of the royal family of Selangor. Visitors can take photos with the guards on horses. 

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(Updated: March 16, 2013)

Photos only

My visit to the National Palace was nothing extraordinary. Why? The only thing that I got to see was the outside! It was nice and all, but I bet your visit will leave you wondering, what secrets lies behind the walls of the Royal Palace?

There's really nothing much on the outside. There's some guards that you can take pictures with. Ever seen those British Royal Guards on duty at Buckingham Palace, United Kingdom on TV? Well, I guess these kinda reminds me of a Malaysian version of those guys. However, don't expect the ruler straight and static pose of the British Royal Guard here since they (the Malaysian guards) are allowed to make subtle movements as long as they stay inside their guard post. And do note: these guards don't smile! Another experience for me was that I got licked by one of the horses when I was taking a picture with a mounted guard. It's was really weird and disgusting, but I guess the horse was just trying to show it's affection.

During my visit, the palace was still in Jalan Istana and had not been relocated to Jalan Duta. I do wonder if they allow visitors inside the walls now that the royal family had moved out.

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Getting licked by a horse, I guess.
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I always wanted to see the insides.

It's one of those random adventures when your friends as well as yourself are already outside of the house, inside a car but have no idea where to go. If that's the reason why you visited this place then that's fine because if you're main plan is to come to this place then you're not going to have a good time.

Why? Well, for one, commoners aren't allowed to go in. Sounds like something from a fairytale but yes, that is true. So what can you do here? Well, you can always take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures here. The guards aren't the kind of people who simply chases away people as they too understand that people want to get a good look of the place so as long as you don't try anything funny. And no, not ha-ha funny.

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(Updated: February 04, 2013)

Great for photo taking

The location of the old istana is not accessible by foot and a bit off track, so you need to have your own transport to be here. However, the building itself is very nice. It's adorned in white and gold color, making it an established prime building for the King.

This famous hot spot is always full of tourist everyday and it's really a nice place for some photo taking. A big, strong building over a lush, green compound is a nice sight and probably, a pretty one to be remembered.

It's best to just spend time for a while to visit this place for its great and lovely architecture.

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Grand palace from afar

The palace houses the royalty of Malaysia. Obviously. The castle itself is tough to access through public transport and requires you to take taxi which can be costly depending on where you take the taxi from.

Looking from outside the gates, the palace looked really grand and when the sun light shines on it at the perfect angle, you'd see as though the palace was made out of pure gold. The guards at the outpost are friendly and some are even on horseback. Great photo taking opportunities everywhere. At least from the outside of the gates only. since we weren't allowed access into the premises. Not really worth the effort to cvisit.

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