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Merdeka Square (Dataran Merdeka)

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Dataran Merdeka 1,Kuala Lumpur
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Also known as Independence Square. It is where the Union flag was raised down and replaced with the Malaysian Flag on Aug 31, 1957.

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The land with a piece of history

One of the places that you learn about in your history book. However, unlike Kota A' Famosa, I personally find this place to be a bit dull in comparison.

As much as I appreciate the history of our nation, I find this place quite boring and not worth a visit. There's really nothing much here except for the Royal Selangor Club Complex and the Sultan Abdul Samad building located nearby. You could take a few pictures here and there, but besides that, there's really nothing much to it besides a plain, a plaque and a flag pole.

However, from the crowd that I always see on TV, I guess that this place is pretty lively on our Independence Day. I do hope that I get to visit it again during that historical day and relive that glorious day.

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My Marathon Run Was Held Here.

Another great tourist spot in the heart of Malaysia. Dataran Merdeka. It was at this place that the Union Jack was brought down. And no, Union Jack is not that dude that keeps chomping on bagels. Union Jack is a flag they put up here before Malaysia gained independence. Minus the history, Dataran Merdeka is pretty much a really, empty field.

Just like any other tourist spot, it makes for a great place to take photos. I had my marathon run in this area as well but I'll blog about that later. But do be careful here. Whether you're a local or a tourist, some odd characters can be found walking around looking for victims.

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Nothing much

This is a historic ground and many cultural events are held here. During independence day or some other special occasions, a colorful and lengthy parade will take place here. Locals and tourists can enjoy the show for free and it was a really nice experience actually.

This place is mostly famous among tourists as a hot spot for sightseeing in KL. With green and well maintained compound, surrounded with nice colonial buildings, this place is perfect for photo taking. But there's nothing much to do here except for the nice garden and that's it. This is just a nice pit stop on route to the city.

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Everything to do with the past

The Dataran Merdeka is where Malaysia became a country owned by nobody other than her own people. Back in 1957 this place was packed and lots of people saw the Union Flag being lowered and replaced with the Malaysian flag.

Now, there is nothing much going on with the place and access to the building itself is restricted. IT is great to stand on the field and imagine how it must have been likein 1957 on Independence Day. This place has everything to do with the past, but sadly nothing to do with the present. Not much ehre to see other than to try and immerse yourself in the Merdeka spirit.

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