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Level 53, Komtar Penang
Penang, Malaysia 10503
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 02, 2012    

The street features many wall paintings which are beautifully painted by Lithuanian artist,Ernest Zacharevic, in conjuction with the project called "Mirrors of George Town". The paintings have become a major source of attraction for tourists and locals alike. The Paintings are scattered across the historical region of Penang. 

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Interesting Place if you're into Art.

Cannon Street was one of those places that instantly turned into a major tourist attraction the moment the paintings were known amongst people either by newspapers or word-of-mouth. It is highly unusual to see these kinds of paintings as it's like an olden day graffiti or a picture book.

It's as if the artist wants to show people something, like life during the old days. Well, at least that's what I can see. Not many people can understand the meanings behind art but even if you can't, you can always get some form of inspiration or a well-detailed example as to how the artist is trying express himself. If you love art or just simply looking for inspiration, this is the place to go.

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Beautiful art.

A lithuanian artist came to Penang to draw some beautiful paintings around Cannon Street, Penang. It soon became so popular, it ended up on the local newspaper. Then it became a huge tourist attraction. Being curious about it, I decided to go look for them. I looked and was mesmorized by the detail of the art. The most famous painting was the painting of two kids riding a bicycle. Everytime I look at the painting, it gives me a warm feeling, as if the kids were really there, playing with the bicycle.

There other paintings are also worth looking at. All of them tells me as if the painting is trying to express something to you. I certainly recommend people to look up on the art. It is amazing.

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Artistic simplicty

When the paintings were advertised in our main newspaper The Star, everyone rushed to the attraction spots and posed and took photos with it. Yours truly included. The paintings were very well done and they feature a real life object that was used a lot in Penang during the old days such as a typical old school bicycle of yester-years. They reminded the older generation of how it was like to ride or use those artifacts and most of them like my dad, would snap their fingers and proclaim "Ahhh, I remember this". The younger generation of people would only be able to enjoy the paintings for their artistic value and only wonder how life really was like back then.

A word of caution however , these paintings are normally painted on next to small alleyways. It is important that anyone who wishes to take photos with the paintings need to constantly be wary of passing traffic as there is not much space separating the cameraman from the car that's barrelling down towards you.

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Beautiful paintings
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