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   Penang Ferry began its operations in 1920, making it the oldest ferry service in Malaysia. These iconic ferries ply between the Seberang Perai mainland and Penang island, ferrying both passengers and vehicles to and from the island.The 15 minute ferry ride allows visitors to enjoy the spectacular view of Penang island and serves as a reliable mode of transportation to and from the island

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Appreciate its existence

The ferries are old. The sea is brown. The ferry takes me to the destination at low prices. For that, I appreciate its existence. It is more interesting than using the road.

Despite the brown sea, I enjoy looking outside and feel the breeze. The ferry is so slow so I don't feel seasick. Despite the old condition of the ferry, there are life jackets supplied so one does not need to worry much.

I miss riding this ferry. I last rode it about 10 years ago, and since I was short, I could lie about being under 12 and get lower ticket prices.

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A Safe Ride But I Still Got Kinda...Sick

Ahh, the ferry. Memories of me enjoying the wonderful winds, wonderful views of the water from the water and me...getting a little motion sickness. I was actually surprised I had motion sickness but it was probably because I ate too much as I remember riding a ferry to an island somewhere as a kid without a problem.

Anyway, the ferries here are in good, clean condition and it is pretty safe as far I remembered. There's no sudden burst of movement and the person driving this thing seems to be a professional as the ride was really smooth and the winds felt really good. It was a shame that I had motion sickness at the time though but oh well, I can always ride it again.

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The Wind
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(Updated: February 04, 2013)

Amazing experience

Ferry service is very synonym with Penang and whenever I'm here, I prefer to cross over the island by using ferry. Despite being cheap, you can relax and walk around while enjoying the scenic view of the island from your car. The strong wind is nice and I noticed, kids are always overjoyed when they're on ride. It was a great experience to get to enjoy the sea and wind even for a while.

I still remember how I was all giddy and excited to get on the ferry. We will stand at the front side of the ferry and feel the strong wind pass by. It was delightful back then and is still the same until now. It's fun to realized that I can share the same experience I had when I was little with my own kid now. And I love the whole rustic charm of this ferry.

I seldom go to the upper floor as I'm scared of height but I prefer to be at the lower deck where it's always fun to get a splash here and there at times.

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A stable service

I prefer to use the ferry service whenever I am crossing between the island and mainland Penang. The ferry service used to take a long time due to insufficient number of ferries and are sometimes very late on schedule. The situation has improved drastically now with three or more ferries with double decks to carry passengers and cars, operating daily The longest I had to wait was only half an hour which was a major improvement than the 2 hours I used to have to endure a few years back

MY favorite part of the ride comes when the ferry starts moving and I would get out of my car and stand by the railing to look at the Penang bridge from afar and enjoy the cool sea breeze. The Penang Ferry service is now an efficient and very reliable service and I couldn't be happier.

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Sea breeze
Penang and Butterworth
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