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Golden Sands Resort Batu Feringgi Beach,
Penang, Malaysia 11100
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Listing created by maniakidd on December 01, 2012    

 Adventure Zone is a 10,000-square-foot facility comprising of a comprehensive indoor playground with three categories of drop slides and multiple sections of modular play equipment. The main highlight will be the drop slides, which have proven to be extremely safe and offer high level of enjoyment for both children and adults

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(Updated: March 07, 2013)

Woo Hoo!!

Located inside the Golden Sands Resort thus it's not too crowded unless there's a birthday party going on or it's peak season. Dress code to observe are socks, long sleeves and pants or pajamas. Payment is made before entering the play zone. Once all that is done, you're ready to go!!

There are 2 main play areas inside; one for the children and the other for toddlers. Usually younger children (under 3/4 years old) will be stuck playing at these 2 areas unless parents bring them along and accompany them for slides. The older children who are 7 years and above and adults will have a blast at the slides. There are 3 types of slides; Astra the wavy/bumpy one, Double drop with ball pit and lastly, the Drop slide which has an approximate 90 degree drop, (not for the faint hearted).

My DDs aged 4 years and 5 years enjoyed Astra the most as it gave them the feeling of being in control. They were given gunny sacks which had "handles" and to slow themselves down, they would pull the handles. Double drop was fun but it kinda make them feel helpless cos there wasn't anything for them to hold on. All of us chickened out when we saw the steep Drop slide.

Overall it was definitely worth going just remember to bring your socks!

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Re-live your childhood again and again

There is just something about slides that attracts me so much. Somehow I can remember my favorite ride at a theme park would always have something to do with sliding. Normal playgrounds don't have slides to accommodate my huge adult body but luckily I found my sanctuary in this place.

IT allows families to take plenty of rides all over the place and there are no size or age limits. Everyone can go and have a blast and just re-live their childhood. Remember to always play safe, and be careful of the people around you before you slide as you may hit them. Great service to all families for a fun day.

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So many rides!
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