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Genting Highlands, also known as Resorts World Genting is a happening hill top entertainment city and resort developed by the Genting Group. It is located on a hill top which is about 1,860 metres within the Titiwangsa Mountains. It also resides in between the states of Pahang and Selangor, Malaysia. It is famous for its Outdoor & Indoor Theme Park, Shopping, and Casinos. 

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A Good Escape For A Day

In view of the common places to frequent amongst Malaysians, Genting Highlands still retains a spot. As I do frequent Genting Highlands at least once a month, out of teenage freedom and stupidity, in my defence just to lepas stim after exams, we headed up Genting Highlands at 12:00 AM for Starbucks and to run shirtless in the car park beside the theme park and absorb all the chills the hill top night air has to offer.

As for couples, it isn't necessarily one of the most romantic places to venture to but still a good place to just escape and travel a distance together. The snow world isn't the greatest but also a recommendable experience, as well as the archery range. Else sitting in the evening at Coffee Bean at Resort World Hotel; is still a place out of the usual to sit down in the cool air and enjoy a hot cup of Macchiato in good company.

However, as the title says; Genting Highlands is indeed a good escape but not necessarily overnight. I've had a bad experience whilst parking at the Resort Hotel and taking what I thought was the main elevator and ended up walking through a maze of gloomy hotel corridors before emerging into the lobby. As well as a similar eerie experience when I had a stay some years back. As a conclusion the title explains all. Enjoy your trip !

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(Updated: July 10, 2013)

Too many smokers!

Nearly anywhere indoor smells of cigarette smoke, which is unpleasant and irritating. The outdoor is great, nice air but now the air is not very chilly anymore so during day time, you do not need a jacket. A jacket is still essential when you are sleeping at night though.

The games are scary. Even though I am not a fan of thrill rides, I just braved myself to try them for the sake of experience. I will not try those games anymore as I am faint-hearted but I will not give a lower rating because of this as it is my problem.

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What a long queue!

When I first stepped out of my cab in Genting Highlands, I really like the lively feeling of the place. It's just what one would find in an entertainment city, shouts and laughter of children and the occasional growl of a man who lost a gamble.

First impressions aside, I find the theme park here to be decent. It's pretty colorful, but you can see some of the rides being run down. There aren't that many rides and most of them won't compare to bigger them parks from all over the world. Or perhaps, I just placed my expectations a bit too high. However you see it, placing Genting against a place like Disneyland USA is just unfair.

For those of you who loves a gamble, they have the only legal casino in Malaysia right here. But I can't really comment much on this as I was still under age when I visited Genting Highlands.

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Day and night entertainment

Going to Genting Highlands was always very tiring for me. During the day, I had to go the amusement park with my children and after they had gone to bed, I had to go to the Casino so whenever I was there, I barely slept more than three hours.

I had to buy the annual pass because no matter how many days we stayed in Genting, my children would not get tired of the amusement park. The first day would be spent taking all the rides and the subsequent days, they would zoom in to only those rides that they enjoyed. They like the antique car rides the best but that normally had a long queue. I had found that the queue for the outdoor theme park was shorter during the night especially those very cold nights. If you go prepared with warm clothing, it is a good idea to visit the outdoor theme park at night.

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(Updated: April 09, 2013)

Expert is Gambling entertainment not for family anymore

Went there for a short holiday after not visiting it for a few years. To my great dismay, the theme park remains very much the same except there are more visible wear and tear. This makes me wonder about the safety of the rides so I did not went on many rides. The eating places have increased so has the price but not the quality of the food. The casino on the other hand has increase wide variety of gambling tables.

There is a game with an electronic bird and some ping pong balls. Its amazing what innovative ideas the gambling experts have. The rooms are very poor conditions across all hotels, yes I went to stay from the cheapest to the most expensive. I guess no one really cares about the room when they camped at the Casino. Good that they excel in what their main business focus is.

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Great Theme Park

I have been to Genting Highlands for a fairly high number of times and always for the same reason. Not the food as the food is pretty expensive here and no, not the gambling here. It's the theme park. I love the fun and thrills but I especially love the look of terror on people's faces as the ride begins.

My 2 favourite rides in this place is the solero shot and the roller coaster. That sudden burst of speed and energy could give me heart attacks but instead, gave me a massive blood rush that makes me feel hyper. Same case for the roller coaster. It is definitely better than the one at Berjaya Times Square and longer too. I love the theme park here, both indoor and outdoor.

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Theme Park
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Would have been better if it just stayed in my childhood.

Genting Highlands is a place I’ve been going to from a very young age, and not much has changed over the years. Everything has a very “old” feel to it.

I do love the fact that it’s so close to the City, and that a short ride brings you to a whole different place, with cool air constantly surrounding you. The perpetual clouds that surrounds me always gives me a feeling of the whole place being very mysterious, and I always enjoy riding on the cable car which is accompanied by a gorgeous view.

However, the place is getting a little run down, and it seems to have lost its spark over the years. Furthermore, since the last 3 times I’ve been there, I’ve always ended up having very bad food poisoning, but that could be because of my weak stomache. I still would recommend the place to people who have never gone there, but I must say the thought of going to Genting no longer excites me.

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Fun at the Mountaintop. :)

Located at the top of the mountain, Genting Highlands is a perfect getaway from the busy city life. Its cold and fresh air brings a delightful and relaxing feeling.

We tried riding the cable car from Genting Skyway. It was about a 10-minute ride to the top. The air gets colder as we travel a little farther from the station. We enjoyed the mountainous view underneath us and too eager to reach our visible destination.

Our first stop was the Casino. It was huge and people inside seem to have a lot of fun. We weren't able to explore further though. We headed to our hotel that was quite a long walk from the cable car station. The surroundings are full of blooming flowers and the city view was covered with fog. Though the sun was up and shining, the air was very cold.

It has an indoor and outdoor theme park where kids and kids at heart will surely enjoy. There are rides from small kids to adults, smooth to bumpy and relaxing to extreme. In short, there are varieties of rides to choose from the faint hearted to the adventurous. There are shops for shopaholics too.

All in all, the place is a good one for fun and relaxation. It is a nice place for photo taking and for making happy memories.

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Genting Highlands is famous for its theme park and casino. It's the nearest place for locals to enjoy the cold temperature with its close proximity to the city center.

Spending a night here will be more than enough for you to cover the whole area. The theme park is acceptable though some major cleaning and reconstruction could be done to certain parts and area to maintain its reputation. Please avoid weekends and public holidays as the entrance ticket to the park is expensive, and so does the accommodation.

If you're into shopping, fret not as they have a mall up here. It's nothing major but it's not that bad too so I guess it's satisfying enough.

All in all, this is a good place for you to have fun without breaking a sweat!

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(Updated: November 29, 2012)

A mini England in our backyard

I had been there in July 2012 with my wife for a short weekend holiday. What pleased me the most was that you could easily take a bus from Titiwangsa Bus Station and take a comfy bus ride to your destination. The travelling time is approximately 45 minutes one way.

The sky would gradually cloud the higher you go up due to the fog and at one point I was astounded to see that cars and buses could be completely hidden. It felt like I was in another country altogether and could hardly contain my excitement. For once, I am feeling a different kind of weather.

We checked into our hotel after a long 2 hour waiting period due to the amount of holiday makers there at the same time. I was also surprised to see that the hotel rooms have no air conditioning or a fan in the ceiling. You don't really need it because all you need to do is open the window all night and the natural cold fog will ensure your room stays cold all night long. Truly a nice change from the typical tropical weather

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