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Listing created by Kooooon on October 18, 2012    

Established in early 2010, i-City, also known as City of Digital Lights, is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Malaysia where all the main attractions are made of plastic and millions of bright LED lights. Besides offering a unique sight, i-City also provides outdoor fun rides and Snowalk which is a 50,000 square feet of Arctic environment with 100 tons of ice sculptures.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
24 hours (Snowalk: 10am - 1am; Outdoor rides: 5pm - 12am)
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24 hours (Snowalk: 10am - 1am; Outdoor rides: 5pm - 12am)
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Free entrance (Not inclusive of Snowalk and outdoor rides)
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Weird. I seem like the only one enjoying this place. I think it is unique as there are no other similar places in Malaysia. It's a good place to take pictures, yes, but it is also a pretty interesting place to chill at once in a while. The digital lights decorations are really pretty and I felt as if I was not in Malaysia.

The parking fee and games are quite expensive so I didn't play many games. I think the games are not really worth playing as they are pretty typical. You should come here mainly for the environment. Perhaps girls would appreciate the pretty scenery more as compared to guys.

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Nothing Better To Do Than Taking Pictures Here.

i-City is one of those places in Malaysia that makes me question people's interests. Why? Well, many reasons. One, it is boring. Two, it charges you like crazy. Three, the workers aren't polite. I could write a long list for this but I'll save that for blogging later on. But despite all this, why is this place trending?

Simple, teenagers nowadays love to take pictures, even pictures that doesn't quite make sense. For example, 10 shots of the same spot in the same pose with the same person at the entrance at Pavilion. You'll still be able to find them doing that even up to this day. The neon trees are pretty much the highlight of the environment in i-City. It is boring and a waste of money. I've been here once, never again.

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Not worth it

In the early days of their opening, everything in this place is free. The next time I decided to drop by, I was shocked to see that they have imposed an entrance fee to see those lights!

But that was not all. With a bunch of new improvements such as snow house and some new rides in the park, everything went skyrocketed, in terms of price. You have to pay for everything. Each ride is expensive, around RM5. And the rides were just nothing. Totally a waste.

Now, the snow house is a real joke here. You have to pay for the expensive entrance ticket. Once inside, you have to pay again for their old, torn rented jacket and boots. The inside is too cold with air conditioners blasting off at full speed to fake the snow feeling. The saddest part of all, there is no snow or anything. Just winds cold enough to make you shiver.

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Better in the beginning

What can I say? I have visited this place a few times and sad to say the best time I had there was when it first opened. Things were new and rides were working properly then which is not the same statement I would make today.

The people working there need to be trained in the art of customer service desperately. Many were hanging around not caring while I was obviously lost or the rides I wanted to ride were not working. Some even had the gall to just brush off my questions by saying they don't know when things will be fixed,etc.

Not a good place to go to. You are better off spending your money elsewhere

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Big disappointment

I think much more work needed in this place. I took the ferris wheel out of impulsive decision which I regret now. It cost us RM10 per head and the wheel will take you exactly one round before you exit from the cart. The field is muddy and not pleasant to walk. Staffs are not proactive to greet you and assist you. They are rather rude and self contained. I do not recommend visiting this place unless you are curious on how bad is the management over there. It took me less than one hour to call it a day and walk out from i-City.

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Good for a visit at night.

The first time I went to this place when it was newly opened, there were only light decorations and Snowalk. And they have recently built some outdoor park rides there, including a Ferris wheel.

It is best to visit i-City during night time because the main attraction is those colorful LED light decoration which make the whole area illuminated with colors at night. It can be a beautiful place for photo shooting, especially the giant white lighted Christmas tree in between the buildings.

But one thing I was not satisfied with is the parking rate there. If I don’t remember wrongly, it was RM10 per entry at night. Also, the number of parking spaces is quite limited. Call yourself lucky if you straightaway find an empty parking lot. It will be even worse if you visit here during public holidays, the traffic congestion can be very bad.

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