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KLCC Jalan Ampang Malaysia
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Crowned as the world’s highest double-decked bridge, it gives you a scenic view of Kuala Lumpur from levels 41 and 42 from KLCC. Designed as linkage of two towers and as emergency escape, the Skybrigde is supported by “three-hinged arch” of gigantic bearings and pair of legs bolted at center of the bridge and level 29 of each tower

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Ticketing Counter : Concourse Level, PETRONAS Twin Towers

Adult RM80
Adult with MyKad RM25
Child RM30
Child with MyKid RM12

Closed every Monday
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It used to be free

Standing tall in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, KLCC is a must visit spot. Going up to the bridge is something every visitor must do. As the high speed elevator send you to the 41stfloor, your ears pop as you climbing the altitudes. Once you reached the sky bridge, there will be a few resourceful attendants who will guide you to the center of the bridge while explaining the complex structure of the building. You will be stunned by the picturesque of Kuala Lumpur skyline once you reach the center of the bridge.

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During my first visit to KLCC as a kid, I saw the KLCC Skybridge and had been wondering what was it like up there. Sadly, my enthusiasm was turned down by my parents as we did not have much time.

However, I did managed to satisfy my curiosity a couple of years ago and I have to say, I was rather disappointed about this place. Perhaps I might have placed my expectations a bit too high.

There's really nothing up there. Just a bridge connecting 2 buildings. The view was also nothing compared to the sky bridge in Langkawi. I personally think that KL is a wonderful place with the diversity of food and culture. However, it's just not worth it to pay such a high price just to see this city from another perspective.

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Birdeye view of the city for a really high price

I have been to KLCC many times, due to business needs I have always been hanging out here for meals and breaks. My first visit up to the Skybridge was late last year, the ride up was accessed from the shopping centre. I was very excited to see the landscape of the city I have to spend quite a lot of time in.

I painfully parted with my money which could get me a great haircut and meals. The ride up was scary for someone like me who cannot handle heights very well but the infrastructure looks safe. I was kind of scare to walk on the bridge but the view was spectacular though not worth it for that much money.

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Come Here Once To Satisfy Your Curiosities.

If you have stayed in Malaysia for quite a number of years, especially if you're living in either the Kuala Lumpur area or the Selangor Area, chances are, you've been to Suria KLCC. But you've never managed to go to the top part of the whole building. I bet you'd be curious to see the view from up-high.

Well, that's the curiosity I'm talking about. The view from the Skybridge is phenomenal. It really makes you feel small compared to the world. Other than the educational worth about KLCC and the bridge, there's really nothing much to do here. And it's pretty pricey too at about RM80. But seriously, come here once and you'll have a clear mind and a great view that might just help you open your minds. But just come here once since you'd probably be bored to death the second time.

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The View
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closer to the sky... :)

I find nothing very special about the KLCC Skybridge. But the fact that its main purpose is to provide structural support to still the World's Tallest Twin Towers is a good enough reason for a visit. Pre-booking is necessary in order to step into this bridge. Visiting hours are scheduled and number of people per viewing is controlled. It's for everyone's safety though so I have nothing against that.

Before the guests are taken to the bridge (which is almost halfway to the top), they are to watch a short clip in 3D about the bridge. It really adds to the excitement of first time viewers. :)

There is nothing to do at the bridge itself but enjoy the majestic top view of Kuala Lumpur. It's just a short visit with a tour guide but it was enough for taking splendid and breath-taking pictures.

There is a souvenir shop at the ground floor. It sells souvenirs mostly about the twin towers and some about Malaysia. Tourists should add this to their itinerary. After all, it's still part of the world's tallest twin tower. :)

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Great opportunity to see the view

I loved my visit on the bridge! I was lucky enough to be able to arrive early and didn't have to queue that long to get my ticket. I thought it was pretty expensive at first , at RM 80 per person but I soon forgot about that when I was up there. The bridge connected the two towers of the Petronas Twin Towers at level 41 and we could walk across the bridge which had clear see through windows on either side. Very good view of the city on both sides but the bridge can be a bit shaky due to the wind and I have heard instances where the bridge had to be closed down because it was unsafe to walk through it.

That didn't happen to me thankfully and I had an enjoyable experience going up there.

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Gets boring rather quickly.

For RM80, I got to go up to the much-vaunted KLCC Skybridge. Rather overpriced in my opinion, but I was looking forward to it anyway. The Skybridge is exactly what it is - a connecting bridge between the 2 Petronas Towers at Level 41. I think it stretches some 50-odd metres across and offers a great view of Kuala Lumpur's city skyline.

My visit there was restricted to just around 10 - 15 minutes as the accompanying guard told me that due to wind factors we had to evacuate the bridge. The fact that I was already bored by then says it all.

I guess i was lucky to get a ticket, as compared to all those people who didn't get a chance to. But I don't think I'll be heading up there again.

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