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Listing created by Iswariya on October 05, 2012    

A theme park in Johor, Malaysia that opened in September 2012. With over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions, it is the first Legoland is Asia and it offers an interactive family fun experience. Note that it is especially catered to families with young children so rides are milder and whole family participation is higher. They intend to build a waterpark and Legoland hotel at the end of 2013.

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(Updated: August 23, 2013)

The best place in SEA for families with young children

I feel Legoland Malaysia caters to a very specific market - families with young children under 12. If you go there expecting something like a USS experience which appeals to all ages, you will end up sorely disappointed. If you go there as their target audience, a family with young children you and your children with have the time of your lives.

There is nothing in the rest of SEA that I know of that even comes close to the experience your child will get here. Its like Neverland with the pumped up kicks. For young adults, you may appreciate this theme park if you're looking for that novelty of experiencing your first legoland. Just make sure you get a discount or coach package from Singapore because admission prices bought right off the stand are much more pricey.

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Not worth my time and money

After seeing all the deals on Groupon and similar sites, I finally gave in and bought my boyfriend and I a pair of tickets to Legoland Malaysia.

We took a chartered coach from Singapore Flyer, the journey took about 1.5 hours which I thought was pretty long considering I usually take less than 30 minutes to get to City Square from Woodlands via public bus. Anyway, we entered and almost immediately got quite disappointed.

Never mind the fact that the place is small but for some reason, the atmosphere wasn’t lively. No mascots, no happy music, just a lot of Singaporeans standing near the entrance scrutinizing the map. At that point, we thought we probably should have just used the money we spent to be here and go Universal Studios Singapore again.

The place was really crowded, maybe because of the school holidays. We spent the whole day there and only managed to take about 3 rides and they were all pretty childish. The fast food had really limited seats and the food wasn’t great at all.

To make everything worse, there were SO MANY people cutting queues! It was absolutely unbelievable! We got so annoyed that we told a group of people off for cutting our queue as it was so unfair to us and people behind. But they just looked at us and went on with what they were doing! We told the staff but they couldn’t do anything about it. Please have better queue control, Legoland Malaysia. Gosh.

Best part was the magnificent lego structures but admiring them under the hot sun wasn’t that great either. FYI, you can pay less than half and view them with air-con at the Art Science Museum now.

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Burnt To A Crisp

Oh my god this place is so hot! Not the kind of hot that I would like to see in girls. I swear to god by the end of the day, I got so tanned that it was as if I came back from a gruelling camp experience. But enough about my physical appearance. I've been to Legoland as a kid in London. It was cold, chilly and really fun. The rides were pretty awesome.

So when I heard about Legoland opening here in Malaysia, I was excited. I bought the day pass at about RM100+ as I didn't think I'd be coming here often. It wasn't as great as the one in London. Some of the building pieces were off. The workers were lazy. It was kind of boring actually. So not worth the heat.

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Fun under the sun

Since this place is fairly new, do expect hot rising temperature during your trip. I wish I came well prepared. The sun was blazing hot and the trees are still young so please, bring your umbrella and sunblock. But the sun won't restrict you from enjoying Legoland.

I can say this place is great for kids, they will definitely love it but as for adults, you might find it a bit boring. Plus, I saw some bricks went missing on certain part of the builds and it shows poor management and maintenance.

Food here are average and expect the price of themepark rates. And please buy your ticket beforehand or online. You'll save so much time and energy by avoiding the long queues under the hot sun.

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Smart pricing strategy

Legoland has a very smart pricing strategy. The day pass costs MYR140 and the annual pass costs MYR275. An easy calculation will tell you that if you plan to go for more than two days in a year to Legoland, then you should buy the annual pass.

This pricing strategy will entice most people to buy the annual pass. Actually Legoland will have nothing to lose but everything to gain. Imagine, if just 10% of these people that bought the annual pass never return for a second trip, Legoland has already made 100% more from these ticket sales. Even if all the people that bought the annual pass came back to visit Legoland every week, what have they to lose. Even if there is only one people in the queue, their rides must still run so actually it is more environment friendly if the rides are running for a lot of riders.

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The Universal Studio of Malaysia

Legoland just recently opened and has seen hundreds of visitors visit it every single day. Heck it's even attracting Singaporeans from their Universal Studios to come visit Legoland instead. As a Malaysian the entrance fee is rather steep but it is worth the visit.

There are many theme park rides inside that offer families a great time. If you're not into that then please visit the humongous Lego building attractions which are absolutely beautiful. I was a Lego fan because my parents bought me Lego sets to play with as a child so visiting the place allowed me to reconnect to my childhood. As a souvenier I bought a Lego set which I later built on my own and is now proudly standing in my display cabinet.

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So much Lego!
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