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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Listing created by Strome on September 26, 2012    

Sunway Lagoon is a multi-award winning attraction that now features 5 different themed parks. Their famous Water Park, Scream Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park and Wildlife Park. Sunway Lagoon is also home to the regions hottest events and concerts.With more than 80 rides and attractions, and within 15 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, Sunway Lagoon is a one stop place for everyone.


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Not that amazing

I went to Sunway Lagoon a few years back. To say the least, I was not impressed at all with this place. The entrance fee was quite expensive and if I remembered correctly, it was situated far away from my hotel, the JW Marriott.

There was much to complain about. The queues were long, the food was all that great and the changing area, well sufficient to say, I preferred changing in a public toilet. It was not spacious at all. The worst part of the visit was that I accidentally crashed into somebody on the exit of the water slide which gave me a bleeding gum. I mean don't they have staffs which will ask you to stay away from the exit of the slide?

Next, most of the rides here are water theme. So if anyone did not like water themed attraction that much, they would be bored to death. The souvenirs are also expensive. But that is expected at a tourist destination.

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Below expectations

I was in Sunway Lagoon a few years ago. I went there with a high expectations and was sad that the place did not meet my expectations. I heard of this place being one of the premium water theme park in Malaysia and was willing to pay for the high entrance fees.

Granted, the entrance fees were for more than just the water park and I remembered there was no option to choose just the water park. The dry park was a big disappointment, the rides were a waste of time and even my children were not very interested in them. The worst part was the rides seemed to be not very well maintained with the paint peeling off and some parts very rusty.

Being a water park, I expected them to have more changing rooms and even clean bathrooms. I remembered I left the park without bathing, luckily, my hotel was near by.

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Expensive and average

Sunway Lagoon is the nearest place for locals and tourists to enjoy some water fun in the KL city. Conveniently situated next to a shopping mall, this waterpark has easy access for patrons. Despite their overpriced entrance fees, this place has never fail to attract visitors to come by each time they're in town.

I love the fact that Sunway Lagoon has put so much effort to keep their place updated over the years. But as for locals, this place is a bore. The waterpark is just average. Nothing to shout about, really. The amusement park is okay. You can have fun with your friends and family but after a few rounds you'll get tired of the same thing all over again.

Since outside food and drinks are not allowed in their premise, they charted a very expensive price list for food. Plus, they're not that great anyway. Definitely a turn off.

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Wonderful rides for a price.

For having a personal love to ride on slides, Sunway Lagoon's slide was probably the most exciting one for me. It was really long, and I enjoyed every bit of it. While Sunway Lagoon may be fun, it is also awfully crowded. As I went there on a weekend with my family, we were devastated to see the amount of people there. I guess it is understandable since it is a famous park.

Also, it is quite pricy. For a normal entry per person is RM90. It really depends on whether you're willing to fork out the money for a ride. I personally recommend to, as it will be a worthwhile experience in the end.

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Sun and Water fun for all

MY trip to Sunway Lagoon took place in 2011 when I took my 5 year old niece for her first waterpark adventure. Luckily they had many rides which allowed an adult to accompany a young child. Together we rode down slides and swam and played in the water , all the while my niece happily screaming and laughing away.

I do know Muslims cannot show their body parts to the public but the sight of families wearing t shirts and sneakers and track suits playing in the water irks me. Firstly those aren't safe clothes to be swimming in as they get pretty heavy when wet and secondly I hope they haven't worn the clothes all day long before jumping in to the pool.

Regardless we had a fun time and my niece fondly remembers our fun filled trip to Sunway Lagoon

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Sunway Kaala Lumpur
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Good for watersport lovers but not for Thrill hunters

Sunway Lagoon is one of the famous theme park in Klang Valley which attracts a lot of students and youngster to spend their holiday or weekend. I personally think that the entrance fare was rather expensive, RM90 an adult while RM65 a child for 3 parks admission fee.

For people whom like water sport and swimming, it will be a good place for them as the Rides in the Dry Theme Park is somewhat boring. Not much of innovation on the Rides so once a while maybe in a year I'll visit there with family. Most of the time kids do really enjoy as the Rides are more suitable for them.

I think Sunway Lagoon should improve on the Rides and make it more thrilling so that it is suitable for all ages range of visitors.

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Slightly disappointed

I visited Sunway Lagoon Theme Park back in October 2012 with the main goal to try on the wave pool which is available only on weekends and public holidays. I called to confirm which I was informed it would be available every day at 5.30pm. However, the surfing was only available on weekends and public holidays as per the website. It cost RM80 for a basic entry which gave me access to water park, wildlife park and adventure park. The wildlife park had some impressive animals – tigers, panthers, snakes, lizards and some gibbons. There are birds as well.

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Not recommended for thrill-seeker.

Sunway Lagoon is one of the main attraction in Malaysia. It's always flooded with people especially during the weekends and holidays. However, I don't find it interesting anymore. Maybe because I have been there several times. I tried everything there except bungee jumping. The rides are not really thrilling. I didn't 'scream' when I went to the scream park. As it is located in the city, there are limited rides due to the limited space.

I hope Sunway will bring in more rides and activities since I see there are still spaces for more! More snack kiosks should be set up since outside food is not allowed.

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Water rides
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Quite alright for an exciting time out.

My experience in Sunway Lagoon, wasn't very exciting nor was it a trip dampener. I've to honestly say that the rides weren't exactly thrilling or scream-inducing. Probably this place is more suitable for kids, who'd marvel at the rides and the various parks in there.

My favourite ride was the wave pool, which was pretty cool and lasted longer than I expected. The bungee jumping was cool, too, and was probably the only thrill-inducing activity in the whole place.

All in all, I find that it's alright for a day's activity, although I wish that there'll be more rides for older kids like me.

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